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Create stunning websites consistent with your brand, that generate qualified leads.

Consistent, qualified leads are the key to success for every real estate agent and brokerage. In such a competitive market, finding qualified home buyers is a challenge. Tools like Zillow and Realtor.com are also commonly used for advertising homes and communities, forcing agents to bid against each other in order to book showings and using valuable ad dollars at the same time. Junction offers agents and brokerages the opportunity to earn unique, high-quality real estate leads through a measured, targeted digital approach.

Attract Active Homebuyers with Effective Digital

Every agent has an Instagram account, and every brokerage has a Facebook page vying for the attention of potential home buyers. The right approach to digital marketing involves branding consistency, well-researched messaging, and a targeted approach to outreach. One quality lead is worth many generic leads in the real estate market. By establishing a consistent brand and message across every platform, Junction gives agents and brokerages the opportunity to present potential qualified buyers with content that will lead to conversions, not just impressions.

When it comes to digital marketing in the real estate industry metrics often get overlooked or over-exaggerated. Junction offers full transparency for metrics from initial brand awareness all the way through the conversion phase. We implement granular tracking tools to analyze metrics across all platforms and provide accurate reporting for agents and brokerages. This allows you to know where your leads are coming from and how to dial up the targeting to generate even more qualified buyers.


Build Your Brand and Close More Deals

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As a dedicated marketing agency, Junction puts your marketing dollars to work more effectively to maximize results and lower your cost per qualified lead. We provide accurate, detailed metrics through our proprietary platforms so that you can track your success throughout every campaign.

Junction has a measured approach to developing the right brand, online presence, social media, and other assets to target active buyers. The unique leads are sent to you to secure a showing and close a deal. Our systems enable us to track the lifecycle of the buyer from the first click to the last phone call with complete transparency.

  • Advertising
  • Advanced SEO
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Branding Identity Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design
How it works

Junction has been able to increase engagement for real estate developments by over 500% and increase lead generation by over 1000%.


Make Your Marketing Dollars Count

Reposting the standard images of homes and communities won’t resonate with buyers on social media. Junction uses digital marketing as an opportunity to sell home buyers on a lifestyle before selling them on the home.

Through a carefully crafted approach to content writing and high-quality visual content, Junction helps to walk potential home buyers through the phases of brand awareness, engagement, and finally, conversion.

Working with clients like Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Georgia (BHHSGA) has helped Junction to perfect our approach to real estate marketing. Junction has helped clients to earn over 100 qualified leads within the first 60 days of work, all under $10 per lead. With the application of professional branding, content, and market research, real estate agents and brokerages will reach an untapped market and avoid the costly, ineffective fees from traditional real estate marketing.


Junction has helped clients generate leads for under $10

$20 to $220

average cost per lead (CPL) on Zillow


impressions for under $1000 per month)

How We Generated 101 Leads in 60 days

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Within the first 60-days of launching the website and digital campaigns, Junction delivered 101 unique leads and reaching 50,083 users across social media platforms, resulting in a 500% increase in website traffic.

101 Leads



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