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Real Estate Developers

Real estate marketing has fallen into a rut. Real estate developers looking to sell new properties and communities typically follow the same steps towards generating qualified leads and getting homes under contract. Once a property investment is made, developers hire a real estate agent or brokerage to promote the properties, educate buyers, and complete the sale.

The Challenge

Most agents use websites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and other similar sites to bid on qualified leads searching for available homes. While these platforms are advantageous for selling individual existing properties, developers looking to promote a new development, which often is a vision for a development with land or plans, need a broader approach to marketing and real estate advertising.


Our Focus

As an agency, Junction is agent agnostic, which means our only motivation is to drive qualified leads. We put your marketing dollars to work more effectively than an agent can and will always provide accurate, detailed metrics through our proprietary platforms so that you can track your success throughout every campaign.

Junction has a measured approach to developing the right brand, online presence, social media, and other assets to target active buyers. The unique leads are sent to your agent or brokerage of choice to secure a showing and close a deal. Our systems enable us to track the lifecycle of the buyer from the first click to the last phone call with complete transparency.

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    Increase Direct Lead Generation for Qualified Active Buyers

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      The Importance Of Branding

      Building a brand for individual communities does more than just generate awareness. Through consistent, cross-platform branding, Junction assists developers in creating buyer engagement and generating qualified leads. From digital ads to the website experience, buyers will know who you are and why they should join your community.

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      Using a combination of imagery, refined messaging, and selective buyer targeting, Junction has been able to increase engagement for real estate developments by over 500% and increase lead generation by over 1,000%. Working with clients like Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Georgia (BHHSGA) has helped Junction to perfect our approach to real estate marketing. When working with The Homestead at Milton, a luxury home community, Junction was able to assist in selling nearly 40% of the lots before construction even began.

      Homestead at Milton

      The Homestead at Milton available lots
      Homestead banners

      All great strategies deliver results and this was no exception. Junction successfully garnered more than 1 Million Impressions in 6-months, drove more than 20,000 users to the website, and produced over 200 qualified leads. As a result, over 30% of the available lots are under contract or sold.


      Impressions IN 6 MONTHS

      The 1858

      1858 Downtown
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      Within the first 60-days of launching the website and digital campaigns, Junction delivered 101 unique leads and reaching 50,083 users across social media platforms, resulting in a 500% increase in website traffic.


      Leads IN FIRST 60 DAYS

      500% INCREASE

      Let’s get to work

      Increase Direct Lead Generation for Qualified Active Buyers

      Submit your email to receive our comprehensive packages designed to drive revenue!