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Very British Baby

Luxury, British Botanical
Blend Products

Very British Baby, a luxury baby product brand, approached Junction to assist in rebranding its product to reach the US & Canadian market. The challenge was to reimagine and transform this brand from a traditional British brand to a luxury brand.

Junction took on the challenge to uniquely position this brand to reach North American consumers searching for high quality, luxury products. Junction’s comprehensive assessment of industry best practice, consumer preferences, competitive and comparative brands informed the approach to the redevelopment of this unique brand.

Very British Baby website

Our Approach

Very British Baby was inspired by the centuries-old practice of blending botanicals to create natural and gentle products that are good for both people and the environment.

With this brand philosophy in mind, Junction set out to help Very British Baby execute an online presence and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that successfully launched the brand and products in the US market, increasing engagement and lead generation.

VBB old logo

Old Logo

VBB new logo

Re Design

Website Design

Junction created low-fidelity wireframes to depict the overall functional flow of each unique page template before adding in the design elements to bring this brand to life. We created a website that moved a user through an experience following the

best practice for user experience, content, and digital assets. The user experience balanced the need to engage users with unique content and clear calls to action to increase engagement and lead generation.

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Website Redesign

Very British Baby wireframes


The website was launched in August of 2021 and is still awaiting final product formulations to be completed.

Very British Baby brand book

label examples

Very British Baby products

Digital Marketing Strategy

Junction developed the right digital marketing solutions to increase brand awareness and engage with consumers. The goal of the initial program was to engage with potential customers and increase visibility on search engines.

Junction was able to successfully improve engagement by 400% with targeted paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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Very British Baby campaign add

Ads and Social Media


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We believe in the importance of building a brand that is functional as well as emotional. A brand that can reach consumers, move them through the purchase path, and ultimately create a brand advocate or repeat customer. From the initial touchpoint to the completion of a sale, we execute brand and marketing solutions with consistency to deliver the highest return on investment to our clients.


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