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Marshall Jones

Marshall Jones provides quality tax advisory services to corporations and individuals.

The Managing Partner of Marshall Jones engaged Junction to provide strategic consulting. Junction first completed an operational assessment of the organization to identify what process were working, not working, or needed to be established, then collaborated with the executive team to clearly define critical business processes. Junction was then engaged to redesign the new Marshall Jones website. 

In the last year, Marshall Jones has experienced 25% revenue growth. Junction continues to actively provide strategic guidance to the management team at Marshall Jones, in support of the business and its brand.



Services Provided:

  • Design & Creative
  • Development
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Operational Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Automated Sales Solution




“Julie was recommended to us to help our 32 year old CPA firm with an aggressive growth plan. We are going through a generational transfer from the founders to the new young professionals, and we needed to instill in the younger professionals the need for and the technologies for growth. We quickly realized that before we started on growth, we needed to firm up our structural foundation. We asked Julie to help us with this, and over a few months she guided us through a fantastic program that has provided that foundation, and we are now excited about the help Julie and her team are providing us for growth.”

Charlie Jones
Managing Partner