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Melissa Crane

Project Manager


Melissa, with a B.B.A Degree in Marketing and a M.A. in Emerging Media, is a Project Manager at Junction.  She effectively manages detailed requirements and specifications for agency projects from designing a new logo to driving the implementation plan for a complex online application.
Junction’s process-driven methodology enables Melissa to focus and prioritize tactics for the internal Junction team while minimizing the onus on our client’s team.  Her optimistic, yet analytical approach enables her to plan, manage, and handle all the details so that our clients can relax.
She utilizes her background in marketing to ensure that the internal and client team are aligned and in-sync from kick-off through completion.  She approaches project resolution a positive and productive way so as to maintain relationships with Junction clients.
Melissa’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry gives her a unique perspective to her clients.
When Melissa is not at work, she can be found experiencing the music and craft beer scene in Atlanta.

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