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Mark Cropp


Mark’s business career can be traced back to the age of 12 when he first stood behind the counter of his family’s general retail store.  It is to these earliest of business experiences that his diverse and prolific business career can be traced and where he first learned and established his fundamental personal and business attributes of honesty, empathy and integrity.

It was early in his second decade that Mark encountered and experienced his first practical education in business management and marketing.  After completing successful assignments in the retail marketing and wholesale, sales distribution field, he enrolled in a marketing and business management curriculum at York College of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Management in 1986.

After graduation, a 15 year career with a major multinational corporation resulted in the development of a diverse but focused set of skills, centered on fixing broken and poorly performing operations and establishing a new business opportunity in a targeted, market niche.  This experience solidified his belief that successful businesses are born in the earliest stages of a product’s development with a carefully planned strategy, designed to identify a viable market and map a clear course to deliver a quality solution to a specific customer’s requirements.

In 1995 Mark left the confines of the corporate environment and became an entrepreneur, reestablishing an historic restaurant and food service company to profitable prominence in its market and starting a successful, residential and commercial property management and development endeavor.  Today, he serves as President of Pathway Management Inc., Managing Member of Proline Investors LLC and a Managing Partner in WWWT Ventures LLC.

Early in 2011, Mark became a Strategist for Junction Creative Solutions.  This opportunity permits him to continue to practice his business skills and attributes in conjunction with many, very talented and creative marketing and business management professionals.  It is particularly rewarding for him to be able to bring a diverse business and marketing experience to help new and emerging businesses navigate the many challenges of a rapidly changing and fiercely competitive business and economic environment.

In his “spare time” Mark enjoys the practice of golf, taking his hunting rifle for occasional walks in the great outdoors, and being an avid volunteer and “A Friend of Youth” in his community.  His most recent personal satisfaction comes from his involvement in cycling with our nation’s wounded heroes.

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