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Julie Cropp Gareleck

Our Founder & CEO


Born and bred in the great state of Pennsylvania, a Gettysburg native, Julie shares a mentality much like the small town she grew up in. Gettysburg , a small town of 35,000 people, boasts the richest 52 acres of battlefield, known for one of the bloodiest and most pivotal engagements of the Civil War. Julie, with a disarming demeanor and often a bright smile on her face, is armed with more than 20 years of experience full of blood, sweat, and tears to earn her place as CEO and Managing Partner of Junction.

Born into an entrepreneurial family, Julie was convinced that business was not her passion and that becoming a reporter was more intriguing. At the age of 21, Julie punched her international card, in Paris, working for Angela de Bona, the top PR Agent, representing the top fashion photographers in the world. A venture to Philadelphia after Paris directed Julie to work for a leading entrepreneurship institute.

In a few short years, she was recruited to join a venture capital organization, focused on early stage companies in Technology, Biotechology, among other industries, as its Executive Director. Julie earned her place in the Board Room at the age of 25. On paper, the journey was glamourous, but in reality, Julie was fetching her own coffee and often for her peers.

A transition to Atlanta over 10 years ago enabled Julie to take her strategy experience and work as a senior strategist for interactive advertising agencies. It was here that Julie realized there was a gap between business-based strategy and what was defined as strategy at agencies. Junction Creative Solutions was born out of the need for strategies that intersect key business segments and the need for a firm that can manage the implementation. For over 12 years, Junction has worked with nearly 250 companies, helping do just that.

Julie has created an environment that empowers her team and her clients to be the very best they can be, and success follows naturally. She has earned the respect of her peers not just for her shining personality, but for her authenticity, integrity, and drive as a business leader. Her portfolio includes measurable integrated strategies for prominent brands across various industries, including Yahoo!, Mailboxes Etc., National City Corporation (PNC Bank), GE Energy, Mohawk Industries, Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc. (SWM), and Alcatel-Lucent. Early stage companies in the portfolio include AcuteCare Telemedicine, 85 Broads, Intelaplay, Competitive Sports Analysis, XIOSS, Infinite Resource Solutions, Guardian Watch, Pro Diligence, Cost Management Group, the National Tennis Foundation, Saffire Vapor, among others.

Julie established the JXN Executive Roundtable in 2012 as a resource for entrepreneurs, senior executives, and marketing leaders to share industry experiences and insights. She remains actively involved in industry organizations often participating as an expert panelist or guest speaker.

Julie’s certainly faced her share of challenges in the last 20 years. Yet, it hasn’t changed the smile on her face and she still fetches her own coffee and for her peers.

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