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business people looking at colors for branding
Unlike marketing, it’s not about campaigns surrounding the features and benefits of specific products and services, but rather about who the company is and what it does for its customers. A brand can shape perceptions about the company’s personality and purpose.
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hands holding cell phone with linkedin login
With advertising revenue surpassing $1.4 billion, LinkedIn is becoming an important part of a B2B marketer’s overall advertising strategy.
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search on Amazon.com
Over 51 percent of Amazon sales are made through third-party retailers who compete for 90 percent of the world’s consumers. With so much competition, optimizing marketing strategies and tactics are critical for achieving sustained profitability.
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business discusscion concept people sitting at table reviewing charts
Outsourcing is a practice that has been strategically applied for decades across many industry sectors. The practice is most common in manufacturing, accounting, or specialized consulting where a business subcontracts with a third party to perform an organizational function once performed in-house.
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fall concept with pumpkins, pinecones and leaves
It’s that time of year again; a time of ghosts, goblins, evil spirits, Puritan ancestors, turkey, and fairytales accompanied by all the smells of autumn, the dipping of temperatures, falling leaves, and the first nips of Jack Frost. Santa Claus and his team of reindeer cannot be far behind. What a great time to be...
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labor day concept, american flag, work gloves and equipment
Labor Day, the first Monday in September of each year, became a federal holiday in 1894 to pay tribute to the millions of Americans whose efforts created the greatest industrialized era in American history.
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law firm concept, two people sit at desk with gavel
According to a recent report, only 46 percent of legal firms even have a marketing budget, and only 14% of solo law practices have a defined marketing spend.
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young business people review data on computer
In a recent survey, respondents estimated that they waste an average of 26% of budgets on ineffective marketing channels and strategies.
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shopping basket with back to school supplies
The back to school shopping season (BTS) is the biggest and most profitable selling season of the year for many retailers. Combined back to school sales in 2022 will likely exceed $34.4 billion in the United States alone.
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two teenagers wear virtual reality headsets, metaverse concept
With so much of the Metaverse vision still clearly undefined and the reality of a virtual reality immersed in a fog of fantasy, marketers should remain open-minded but cautious and vigilant as to its future promise.
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