With considerable growth goals to expand to 100 ASCs within the network in 2022, Junction took on the challenge to assess the existing brand and identify opportunities to reposition the brand in core markets to include Washington DC, Northern Virginia, New Jersey, New York, among others.

ASC Case Study Approach

Our Approach

Junction completed a detailed analysis of Google Analytics, Hot Jar analytics, customer surveys, digital marketing analytics, and SEO analytics to determine the best approach to redesign the core practice website.

This data-first approach enabled the team to reorganize the content (sitemap) and prioritize key pages responsible for driving a large percentage of the traffic. Junction was able to reduce the page count to 250 pages, optimize the content for SEO, and also improve the user experience to move a patient through the engagement path.

Google Analytics graph

Website Design

Junction created low-fidelity wireframes to depict the overall functional flow of each unique page template before adding in the design elements unique to each brand.

Junction balanced functional and transactional requirements with the overarching need to provide a brand experience that follows user best practice.

Website Development Timeline
CIGC website
CIGC wireframes

Photography Style & Palette

Photos will be focused on themes of happiness, hope, and dedication.

Primary color palette will be used throughout all brand touchpoints. This color scheme gives the idea of optimism, health and professionalism at the same time.

Photography Style & Palette
CIGC color palette


Junction is working through the final stages of development on all four websites for this practice which includes strategy and assessment, sitemap, user experience, content development, SEO optimization, and technical integrations.

CICG laptop display

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Deliver a Brand Story and Transactional Experience

We understand the value of a patient to a healthcare provider or physician practice. We analyze data sets to inform user experience, design, and content on the front-end and backend of the website. Our focus is delivering exceptional brand experiences that align with the organization’s objectives for lead generation.


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