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What is a Vodcast, and Why Do You Need One?

Podcasts are casual audio; storytelling broadcasts that have been around on the internet since 2004. Primarily a medium where amateur or professional journalists, talk show hosts, and contributors could produce a program and build a following on just about any subject matter. At its peak, during the Pandemic years, the number of podcasts fluctuated as people found a way back to socializing in person. At the beginning of 2024, there were 4,318,424 podcasts registered in the world. Apple Podcast currently hosts 2,650,803 active episodes and listeners can find more than 550,000 on iTunes every week. Surveys reveal that 79 percent of Americans are familiar with the medium and 64 percent have listened to an episode at least once from a plethora of topics.

True crime leads the space in audience interest but politics, entertainment, self-help subject matters, sports, history, finance, and comedy round out the topmost favorite discussions. Recently the entertainment space is experiencing a revival in participation as video invades the airwaves. Vodcasts, or video casts, are podcasts that add video to enhance the audience’s experience and provide an opportunity for podcast performers to stand out in a very crowded airspace.

Initiating the use of cameras and video production equipment permits the broadcaster to upload the programs to YouTube, Rumble, social media platforms, and websites. Listeners can access vodcasts on demand from any device. Today, “Video accounts for 82.5 percent of global internet traffic,” according to a DemandSage report. Vodcasting platforms Podia or Buzzsprout allow producers to perform short-form content to upload to TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.

Professional marketers are discovering the flexibility of video content production to reach finely targeted, niche audiences, to build brand awareness and elevate a brand to authority status. Content creators can reach a wider audience and drive more engagement with visually enhanced stories and customer testimonials while achieving higher return on investment (ROI) and increased lead generation. Innovative technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality integration promise to enhance the viewers’ experience while new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools may offer a simple and efficient way to streamline production and maximize impact.

The best vodcasts focus on selecting a subject that is compatible with the brand or presenter and interesting to a targeted audience. Define an audience of ideal listeners and select a format. Choose between a single host, cohost, or interview format. Perform comprehensive research in advance and don’t get caught sinking the entire effort by being unprepared. Create consistent high-quality, timely content and scripts that reflect the presenter’s passion and energy around the subject matter. Strive to be a unique voice and select visiting guests who are relevant to the podcast’s topics. Develop interesting themes for each episode and pretest each session before going live. Better to overspend time editing potential failures and misspeaks in the backroom before broadcasting it to the masses.

Create a production plan to outline the number of episodes, topics for discussion, and key talking points and objectives. Eliminate negative aesthetics that will interfere with the quality of the presentation. Avoid over-pontification and lead an intensive listening effort with guests and other participants. Edit, publish, and promote each episode and follow up to determine if anyone is listening. Engage with the audience and respond to questions and feedback to build a community of like-minded individuals and groups.

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