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Defining Social Media Marketing Subcultures

Consumers are increasingly dynamic when it comes to how and where they listen, making it imperative that brands remain sensitive to how consumers are using social media and avoid getting caught speaking the wrong language in an empty arena. Businesses that prioritize a finely targeted approach to making personalized, digital connections with consumers experience revenue growth 1.7 times faster than businesses that do not. They also increase the customer lifetime value by more than twice on average compared to organizations that do not.

Segmenting the marketplace and connecting with potential customers over the correct digital channels where those consumers are listening has become a cornerstone of every strategic marketing plan. Creating personalized, authentic, and relevant content that resonates with a specific consumer generation can build sustained revenue, brand awareness, and loyalty. Segmentation is based on social factors like lifestyle, attitudes, and beliefs, individual characteristics, personal preferences, values, and behaviors that differ significantly from generation to generation. While each generation may exhibit some common characteristics, today’s newest generations are developing unique and differing aspects.

The existence of subcultures is making traditional segmentation obsolete and more difficult for marketers to identify and connect with, particularly Gen Zers. According to Horizon Media, Gen Z may contain at least ten different subcultures, including Nu third-culture kids, Culinary root remixers, Ability heroes, and Comfort creators, Alternate-reality gamers, TALE-gaters, Gameday traders, Copyconomists, and Afrobeats. While this cast of characters may seem a bit numerous and meticulous, subcultures are typically very loyal, active, and deeply engaged in a particular interest. Creating content for such a diverse audience will be challenging. However, 82% of Gen Z social media users say that “how a brand shows up on each platform needs to be authentic, relevant, and aligned with their values.” Could this be an effort custom-made for Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Creating effective marketing campaigns for niche subcultures requires listening intently to the targeted consumer and being acutely aware of specific concerns. Gen Zers favor creative, novel and unexpected approaches that generate social buzz and social media noise. Reach out to popular social media influencers and recognized media Gurus who have achieved elevated status among Gen Z users to reveal popular insights among the subcultures that will enable the content effort to make personal, authentic, and relevant messages that resonate with the intended audience.

Subculture marketing brings a refined meaning to Seth Godin’s quote, “Your customer isn’t Everyone.” But a target audience includes a large variety of potential customers that demands recognition of the diversity of characteristics within that specific market.