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Gettysburg Business Becomes the Destination

Destination Gettysburg and lead sponsor Junction Creative, a strategic digital marketing agency, teamed up to deliver the Be the Destination Marketing Symposium on November 29, 2023 at the Wyndham Gettysburg. The event brought in business owners, marketing managers, and regional leaders to discuss how to think strategically, execute plans, and build community.

With over 60 area business representatives in attendance, Rynn Caputo, owner of Caputo Brothers Creamery, Nicole Bucher, owner of Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium, Michael Sneeringer owner of The Sew’n Place, and Kim Nash owner of THriv, spoke to a crowded ballroom.

Julie Cropp Gareleck, CEO of Junction Creative and a native of central PA, hosted the fireside chat with Rynn Caputo, President & Co-founder of Caputo Brothers Creamery in Spring Grove, PA. This earnest discussion about building a business from a pivot, pandemic struggles and triumphs, as well as future growth, set the tone for an afternoon of inspiration and education. Caputo shared stories about turning points, when she and her husband David Caputo stepped away from tech and pharmaceutical careers to follow a culinary dream, as well as how Caputo Brothers Creamery’s success is intertwined with that of local dairy farmers. Throughout the conversation, the topic of authenticity and telling your brand story became a theme that resonated with other business owners eager to connect with customers.

Panelists Nicole Bucher, owner of Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium, Michael Sneeringer owner of The Sew’n Place, and Kim Nash owner of THriv covered a range of topics from business growth to exit strategies, pausing to stress the importance of employee satisfaction and embracing new technology as it relates to unique niche businesses. Understanding and listening to customer stories helped each owner to not only expand solutions, but to understand the “why” of each company. Each owner approached digital marketing differently, as it suited each unique customer base.

The afternoon concluded with Noah Manning of Junction Creative continuing the conversation around digital transformation, and how to better understand the strategy of online messaging. Choosing a social platform, understanding how to incorporate SEO best practices, and what kind of content to post, was top of mind for many business owners.

“Know your audience. You can’t just put anything out there. You need to communicate something that is interesting to customers and is engaging. What are customers looking for, and what do you have to offer? The challenge is to figure out how and where you can best share this in your digital marketing efforts,” concluded Manning.

“We appreciate the opportunity to co-host the marketing symposium with Destination Gettysburg. This region is not just rich in history. It has become a destination for businesses across industry, including farming, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, retail, professional services, among others,” comments Julie Cropp Gareleck.  “We love to develop programs designed to educate and inspire attendees long after the day of the event.”

For more information on this event or to host your own, contact Junction Creative at info@junction-creative.com or call 678-686-1125.