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Some of Our Favorite Things

It is fast approaching that time when we realize that another milestone is upon us. When the final page of the 2023 calendar is about to be removed and cast aside, “hard to believe another year has passed” is the most often-heard refrain. Tradition dominates the landscape with holiday shopping and celebratory gatherings, but another annual tradition begins to take place in homes and workplaces: The process of identifying and appreciating some of our most favorite things encountered throughout the year.

Sharing a list of favorite things from the year past has become a tradition for the Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) team. A “thing” can include a plethora of gadgets, devices, appliances, or a variety of personal services that have found a place on our team of marketers’ list of “can’t do withouts.” Some “things” are weighted in importance and sit atop a special list. Family, friends, and individual experiences are usually enumerated on a special list of their own.

Julie, an unabashed Philadelphia Eagles fan, loves the energy between Jason and Travis Kelce on the New Heights Podcast every Wednesday. Claimed to be football’s funniest family duo, Jason Kelce from the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs, share insights about games and unique perspectives on trending NFL news and sports headlines. As for her favorite time saver? Instacart reigns supreme for Julie. “It has been at the top of my list for years! I can order anything, virtually anywhere, and receive a delivery in under two hours. It saves a lot of time, effort, and energy. It also saves me money. I am not buying more than I need!”

Brenna includes Walmart+ among her favorite services. “I really enjoy the free delivery and deals on products. I also get discounts on gas at Walmart gas stations.” A new stand-alone mixer makes her love of baking easier and more enjoyable. “I’ve recently gone completely gluten-free, so I have been learning new recipes to recreate my favorite foods.” She continues to appreciate her relationship with her dog Annie. “She is the perfect pup and keeps me sane during stressful times.”

Lily likes the Nespresso Coffee Maker she received last Christmas. Buying lattes and expressos from coffee shops can become expensive. “I save so much money by making my coffee at home now!” Target Drive-Up has also saved her money over the past year. “I end up only buying what I need instead of being tempted to buy things while I walk through the store, and I really appreciate avoiding standing in checkout lines.” Lily’s relationship with Eufy RoboVac has resulted in deeper cleaning and happier living. “This robot vacuum vacuums my entire apartment for me by just clicking a button in the connected app.”

Julie K’s Hydrow rowing machine is at the top of her favorite things-to-do list. “I enjoy connecting with the exceptional coaching from elite athletes, and the occasional race with my friends from around the country!” Coming in a close second on the list is Nikon. “With new cameras that have the most amazing options for tracking and autofocus, and all the bells and whistles that allow me to customize exactly how the camera works.” Iridescent trees from the Target dollar section have made her favorite list for this and next year’s holiday décor efforts.

Noah can be found raiding the office snack fridge during break time at Junction. His most favored eatable motivational reward? Pudding cups! Next on the list for Noah, the annual Aquarium pass. “I bought my family aquarium passes this year so we can take the kids anytime to see the animals. It saves a ton of money.” But when escaping the joyous sounds of family, Audio-Technica noise canceling Headphones can soothe the impact of a challenging and busy day. “These headphones are great whenever I am working from home or when I really need to concentrate. I can turn on my favorite music and work without distractions.”

Alejandrina loves BarreFit. The online fitness studio offers demanding but super-relaxing workouts in a beautiful space for Junction’s creative designer. “The Yuka app helps me select healthy food and cosmetic options.” Her favorite podcast, Activa tu magia helps keep Alejandrina connected, informed, and entertained.

Susan has a new favorite fashion accessory, belt bags. Any brand will suffice. “These things are just cool! They are like the old fanny packs but worn differently.” Facebook Marketplace has been a new adventure for Susan this year. “I really got into this in 2023, both buying and selling. It is so nice to see those from whom it is you are buying.”  A stable and favorite repeat on her list this year. “I still cannot get enough of curbside pickup, regardless of the store. It is such a huge time saver, even more so during the holidays!

So, there you go. Another year of favorite things that made our lives easier, more entertaining, and valuable in 2023. What are some of your favorite things?