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The Power of Video Marketing

Trends abound in marketing. This one is here to stay.

It would be a mistake to identify video content as a trend. Video content now dominates across platforms as content of choice for creators and consumers alike, with search engines and social media configuring algorithms to favor video content. It’s worth examining why video content is so successful, and how best to incorporate this content into anything you create.

So what exactly is video marketing? This format uses visual content in a way that promotes, raises awareness, or simply engages an audience. Video content lends itself to visual storytelling in a way that compels viewers and captures attention.

Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2023 discovered that 91% of businesses plan to incorporate video marketing into content. This exponential adoption of video is largely due to shorter attention spans, content that is completely immersive, and the creative methods used to craft appealing visual narratives.

Video content can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Product video: explaining features and functionality
  • Live Stream video: engaging live demonstrations and interactions
  • Tutorial video: offering instructional applications for overcoming obstacles
  • Testimonial video: cultivating trust and showcasing satisfied customers
  • Social Media video: increasing the reach of marketing campaigns

Videos boost conversion, with a demonstrated rate of up to 80% when landing pages use product videos. Shoppers who watch these product videos are 74% more likely to purchase after watching explainer videos. Being able to attribute sales directly to videos makes it clear that showing the value of a product translates to stronger sales.

Websites that use video fare much better on Google with stronger SEO rankings. Not only do websites with video enjoy better searchability, they also enjoy a significantly reduced bounce rate. Videos tend to capture attention and keep it, so search engines take note of this kind of engagement and classify your content as better quality. Optimize keywords in titles, captions, tags and descriptions for next-level SEO ranking, expanding reach and organic direct search results.

Video content has the potential to tell powerful stories, but also to build authenticity and credibility. Testimonials from customers foster greater trust and have the ability to engage with emotion. Potential customers can see themselves in the content, and trust others’ experience with a purchasing decision. Social proof can go a long way.

Smartphones have become the easiest method of delivery for content on the go, making it possible for videos to reach anyone, anywhere. Whether video marketing takes the form of product highlight, explainer, or social media post, each of these is available at the viewer’s convenience. As long as video content is entertaining, this easily shareable format can be leveraged with data-driven insights to personalize the message and segment the audience.

Telling your brand story using video marketing is a strategy that many more marketers are embracing, and for good reason. Videos capture imagination, immerse consumers in content, and illustrate easily the need for a product or service. Don’t underestimate the power of this medium to connect with your audience and enjoy growing engagement and conversions.