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Why Social Media Stories Have Risen in Popularity

Everybody loves a good story, and that thought is not just a popular line of prose. It’s a truth backed up by a scientific study that concluded when a listener hears a well-told story, the brain reacts as if they are experiencing it in person. It is as if humans are pre-programmed to tell and share stories with one another. We have all experienced the art of storytelling since our very earliest age. Fables, fairy tales, and other forms of storytelling have been used to impart knowledge and moral and ethical lessons since the beginning of time.

Even the most ancient of civilizations told stories using cave drawings and etchings. People like to read and learn from others’ experiences through a well-told and structured story where they feel as though they are part of the plot. In marketing, storytelling can create confidence in a brand’s ability to deliver a solution and make potential customers become ideal customers.

Social media platforms are ideal for marketers to offer quick snippets of limited personalized content that helps a brand to build trust and credibility with an audience. Over one billion people use social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook every day to participate in conversations with favorite brands, making the art of storytelling an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Social media stories have been shown to deliver increased engagement rates and encourage viewers to share the content with followers. With the ability to embed shoppable links, tags, or ads within the story prose, consumers can make a purchase directly from the reading experience.

A well-written short story can elevate a brand to an informed, capable, and even expert status among a targeted audience. The approach requires the content to be just long enough to tell the story effectively, but short enough not to bore the reader into abandoning the message. Most consumers continue to favor shorter communications, so getting to the point with the message is important. The best short stories build a sense of urgency and exclusivity, immediately engage followers in the conversation, and allow them to share the content with others.

Chris Gee says, “For communicators and marketers, it’s important to understand that storytelling isn’t simply for the sake of passing on information. When done right, we engage and even inspire key audiences. And whether it was something you heard as a child or a movie you saw 10 years ago, you’ll always remember a good story. Especially one that made you feel something.”

More social media platforms are emerging where storied content can be presented, analyzed, and measured. To properly evaluate the success or failure of a storytelling effort, you must first define the communication’s goals, objectives, and mission. The goals should be specific, measurable, and realistic, and establish outcomes that a story wants to achieve. Results can be measured by the number of views, shares, likes, comments, leads, or sales.

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