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Summer Marketing Campaign Ideas

Summer is upon us, and it is time to get seasonal campaigns started. Typically, as summer temperatures rise, sales begin to fall in the other direction for many businesses. Vacation travel, hospitality, ice cream, backyard cooking, boating, hiking, and more are just a few products and services whose sales soar between June and September each year. For these summertime players of commerce, miss the window of opportunity and there will be a very cold and dark winter ahead. But for others, the fun in the sun season can be a time when sales slump as consumers take off and tune out.

The seasonal marketing process is about adjusting marketing campaigns to significant industry-related events that share a specific affinity with the Earth’s rotation around the sun. Summer marketing opportunities also include the Fourth of July celebratory holiday. The truth is that last year, retail and food sales in the U.S. reached $682 billion in the month of July while clothing and accessories topped the $25 billion mark. For brands that get strategic marketing plans together early and engage a more mobile consumer, the summer months can be very productive.

The season is also bracketed by several special opportunities to reach out and connect with a very busy consumer. Memorial Day is often the unofficial start of everything “fun in the sun season.” As temps begin to moderate in August, Back to School and Labor Day are promotional opportunities already on the calendar. Not too early to get those plans in motion.

But that’s not all that the hot season has to offer. World Music Day, Canada Day, Bastille Day, and even Emoji Day are already penciled in for a special day on the summer calendar. And then there are the ever-present sporting events to observe. Tour de France, Wimbledon, FIFA Women’s World Cup, FIBA Basketball World Cup and of course Baseball, in all sizes, local and national. For those with a bit more sedimentary lifestyle, August features International Beer Day, International Left-Handers Day, and World Photography Day. Each is a great opportunity to create special promotions and tie-ins. Don’t see anything interesting on the calendar? Mark up your own.

Sponsoring summer events or spotlighting seasonal products and services is always a great way to grab the attention of busy customers. Seasonal bundles of summertime products, free checkout gifts, and special discounts will always catch the favor of hot prospects. Offer creative branded digital games, puzzles, and contests on the company website and social media channels for loyal customers to pass the time away while relaxing on the beach or by the pool. Designing your own fun and exciting digital entertainment is excellent for heightening engagement, entertaining your audience, and strengthening brand awareness. And you thought summer was going to be a time to relax and wait for customers to return in September?

It’s a great time for brands to think outside the marketing and promotional box and create fun and exciting ways to stay connected with the best consumer audiences. Dash, splash, and hang-ten my friends!