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The Importance of Creative Digital Content in Healthcare

“Once upon a time,” who doesn’t remember this opening sentence? It is famously known as a preamble to a story whose purpose is to grab attention, teach an important message, and impart an unforgettable impression on the listener or to compel them to act. Storytelling is part of all our lives. From our earliest memories stories have been fundamental to understanding just about everything. When well performed, storytelling is a narrative that can take complicated or tedious information and make it interesting and impressionable to a listener.

In the medical marketing environment where information is technical, intricate, and densely regulated, crossing the bridge of understanding from practitioner to consumer can be difficult. Studies reveal that between 70 and 90 percent of patients search the internet for health-related information that motivates them to seek treatment for an illness or health-related condition. Consumerism, the transitioning of patients to customers, is impacting the way healthcare providers are now making meaningful connections with an audience. Patients need to have a clear understanding of information if they are to make life-and-death decisions about healthcare options.

For the medical care sector, the ability to create a story that resonates with a target consumer requires engaging content that holds the listener’s attention, creates empathy, addresses specific concerns, and drives action. Effective storytelling can be a powerful way for medical professionals to connect with patients.

Eric Danetz, Global Chief Revenue Officer for AccuWeather, says, “High-quality, authentic storytelling is critical in today’s fragmented media environment.  With noise and competition for consumer attention and brands targeting for greater personalization and impact, storytelling becomes key to establishing an emotional connection with your audience. In terms people and businesses can relate to, storytelling illustrates how a brand will meet customers’ needs and in turn, builds loyalty.”

Like most professional service industries, the medical services segment is a relative latecomer to the adoption of fundamental marketing practices such as strategy development, branding, traditional advertising techniques, digital marketing tactics, and recognizing the value of the consumer experience. Successfully merging the art of storytelling into today’s digital marketing environment is essential to meeting the needs of patients. Understanding the techniques of storytelling and an investment of time and resources to implement an effective narrative that connects with consumers can often be challenging to medical professionals whose most valuable skill sets are focused on the practice of medicine.

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