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How Healthcare Marketing Brings in More Patients

The healthcare industry is an integral part of life; a fundamental aspect of supporting the health and well-being of every member of society. The evolution of once altruistic, non-profit entities, the healthcare industry has evolved into a system of interrelated business models that focus on advancing the science of medicine and delivering improved medical care to the world’s population. Like most professional service industries, the medical services segment is a relative latecomer to the adoption of fundamental marketing practices such as strategy development, branding, traditional advertising techniques, digital marketing tactics, and recognizing the value of the consumer experience.

Marketing has now become mainstream in an industry where changing consumer expectations are driving disruptive changes to marketing policies throughout the segments. Specifically targeting consumers with authentic messages that promote trust and patient value is essential for physicians who are looking to keep waiting room seats full and grow the practice into the future. More than 80 percent of consumers say the physician’s experience is important to ongoing healthcare.

The demands placed on becoming a medical physician are considerable, requiring a decade or more of education and practical apprenticeship. Few doctors have the background or interest in modern marketing techniques or even a basic understanding of what it takes to fill the appointment book with patients. For today’s medical practitioners, it is imperative that initial connections with the patient are in line with the goals and objectives of the practice.

Studies reveal that between 70 and 90 percent of patients search the internet for health-related information that motivates them to seek treatment for an illness or health-related condition. Consumerism, the transitioning of patients to customers, has impacted the way healthcare providers are now required to market offerings. With so much health-related information available, consumers are now empowered to select from a large menu of providers and choose the best healthcare experience.

Today, patients/customers are a diverse collection of savvy consumers, comfortable with using digital media and social media platforms. It is where they reside and have conversations. Developing a digital presence that focuses on the practitioner’s specialty is vital to attracting patients relevant to the services provided. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to improving the average position of keywords that will improve website click-through rates. A multichannel strategy will optimize the effort. Not all consumers are to be found listening on the same platform.

Consumers of healthcare are heavily influenced by content that creates an impression that the provider is credible, trustworthy, experienced, and an expert in the field. Publishing regular, informative content and audience-centric videos will differentiate one provider from another. Content has become the single best pathway to increasing conversions. Healthcare specialties are often geographically centered with family medical practitioners and routine treatment services more localized, while advanced treatments for more complex diseases can often require patients to travel some distances. Adjusting digital strategy to reflect this reality will improve marketing performance. Crafting marketing efforts to be structured around the various audiences ensures the message is getting in front of the best prospective patients.

The main objective of a marketing strategy in the healthcare segment is to elevate a physician’s brand as a reliable and knowledgeable provider. Leveraging digital marketing platforms with authentic content can establish a medical brand as the preferred provider and deliver a consistent and long-term flow of patients.

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