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How Can Pinterest Get Your Brand Discovered?

Pinterest is the third largest social media app with more than 445 million users. Known as an important social media platform for a wide selection of personal interests, it is also becoming a valuable connective tool for brands. Seventy-two percent of daily users say the platform is a major reason for making a purchasing decision. Primarily a visual search engine, Pinterest users catch the attention of audiences by displaying (pinning) images of a broad range of subject matter on message boards. Coined the discovery app, Pinterest has become an opportunity for individuals and marketers to “pin” images of personal interests, products, and services and to make connections with other users. Unlike other social media outlets, Pinterest content consists almost completely of visual images and video.

Businesses are discovering that Pinterest can be a valuable tool in making connections with targeted audiences by posting visual media that promotes a brand’s products and services to create customer awareness, facilitate website leads, and promote more website engagements. For those who have not yet discovered the Pinterest experience, the process can be intimidating. What is the best approach to making a new connection with the Pinterest App?

“Pinterest Trends” is a proprietary tool that can assist new entrants into the application. The tool will help users reveal how potential consumers are searching for products and services and how brands can learn about trends, topics, and audience data that will enhance understanding of the benefits of the platform. Once a user develops a clear marketing strategy, exposing and implementing relevant keywords will produce the best content tags to include with accompanying visual elements.

Optimizing visual search can be complicated given that other Pin matches can be similar to a competitor’s products, but there are some things that can differentiate one effort from another. The use of high-quality vertical imagery will stand out among other posts. Concise and relevant content, titles, and clear descriptions will elevate a Pin’s notice in a crowded environment. The platform allows for the use of up to 100 characters for a title and up to 500 characters for a description. Only the first 30 to 60 characters will be visible in the main feed, so choose initial words that draw attention and gain immediate interest from a reader.

When utilizing video, make the best statement upfront, usually within the first 15 to 20 seconds. Optimize Pin discovery by using efficient and specific keywords, tags, and product imagery and always insert brand logos. Be sure to verify your website to gain access to analytics on Pinterest. Engage the rich pin feature that will share more information about your link. Pinterest has specific search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm rules that can lead to increased rankings. Focus keyword usage on Pins, user boards and individual profiles.

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