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A Few Simple Steps to Improve an Email Campaign

In 2022, Stata reported that 4.3 billion people worldwide use emails and that number is expected to increase to 4.6 billion by 2025. Last year, 333.2 billion emails were sent and received each day. With such a large potential audience it is not surprising that two-thirds of marketers are using email marketing to promote the business through organic content. More than 80 percent of marketers rely on emails as the primary vehicle to acquire and retain customers. But not only is the number of users astounding, marketers’ return on investment (ROI) for email advertising is higher than every other channel. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the expected ROI can average $40, according to Omnisend. But email marketing can be challenging for those inexperienced in building and engaging in an effective email marketing strategy. So, what are some of the reasons for a failed email campaign?

Like all marketing channels, failing to set clear and precise goals and objectives at the outset can result in the effort failing to launch. Establish clear and obtainable goals for open rates, click rates, and number of conversions. Spend more time segmenting and targeting the intended audience at the outset of the campaign and fine-tune the message to the intended prospect. Listening to the targeted audience and researching the competition is where successful promotion begins.

Today’s marketplace is a diverse and complex environment that cannot be reached with one-size-fits-all messages. Personalizing emails is critical to a successful email campaign. Cold call emails on average have an open rate of nearly 20 percent across all industries, but for those listeners who are looking for information about a brand, open rates soar to more than 68 percent. Welcomed emails with personalized subject lines have a 50 percent higher open rate than those with a generic subject line.

Focus on creating the right message at the right time and target that message to the right customer. Constantly evaluate and measure the results of each email campaign to determine the level of success and adjust and adapt for future approaches. Savvy consumers are agile and mobile.  The majority of consumers are increasingly accessing emails on mobile devices so be sure to optimize email messages for all devices. Adding videos to an email can increase click rates by as much as 300 percent. Campaigns that include sliders, collapsible menus, images, graphics, and even a simple emoji are proven to be more effective.

One of the most common mistakes in creating a message is forgetting to include a call-to-action (CTA). “Calling for the sale” is one of the most fundamental elements of a successful pitch. Without a clear and concise CTA, it’s unlikely that the message will motivate any listener. Keep it simple and to the point using words that inspire action. Differentiate the message from the competition, measure the performance, and improve and adjust where necessary.

Avoid over-playing the email game. Consumers have indicated that they are comfortable with receiving a brand’s emails on a weekly basis. Any more frequently than that risks the targeted consumer becoming annoyed. When it comes to the frequency of emails, consumers favor less rather than more.

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