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Does Your Marketing Strategy Build a Brand Community?

Content marketing is revolutionizing the way brands are connecting with customers through two-way conversations in social media channels. The most effective content focuses on specific information that is relevant to the listener and draws attention to a brand’s unique proposition. Sharing content that consumers find valuable will draw prospective consumers into the brand’s community. The best content strategy is not static but evolves as social media users change perspectives, perceptions, and the formats they prefer. Personalized experiences, storytelling, and voice-search optimization should be an integral part of all content marketing strategies in 2022.

Creating impactful website blogs, videos, infographics podcasts and sound bites in addition to text can demonstrate a brand’s purpose and promise and elevate a brand’s authority in the field, promote increased customer interactions, and foster a better understanding of the needs of the audience. The top three goals of content marketing should focus on generating brand awareness, building credibility and trust, and educating audiences. Tailor the message to highlight what the brand does best and keep in mind that social audiences favor authenticity and unpolished content. Strive to build a community of loyal social followers who share similar insights and grassroots initiatives.

Patrick Hanlon, CEO of Primalbranding.co says, “Marketers may imagine that their brand is an idea under their control. But in reality, it is a community of people who share the same beliefs. When approached this way, that community can springboard into shared purpose, awareness, advocacy, and growth.”

Social responsibility continues to be an important aspect of a company’s social content strategy with 82 percent of brands saying that they will continue to feature social responsibility as an important aspect of the brand message going forward. Research reveals that customers care significantly about brands that share the same values.

Develop a process of validating content-driven campaigns by measuring consumer responses. Social media users are mobile, not only in the devices they are using but the channels they are frequenting. Embrace a comprehensive system of measuring and tracking two-way conversations and respond quickly to customers’ feedback. As digital technology continues to shape an innovative marketing landscape, brands will need to be aware of emerging trends and pivot to new methods of generating relevant and personalized marketing content.

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