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Celebrating 50 Years of Keystone Human Services!

Junction Creative celebrated Keystone Human Services (KHS) at the 50th Annual Chocolate Ball on Saturday, March 19th at the Hershey Lodge with more than 550 supporters, donors, community leaders, and the team at Keystone Human Services.

“You will rarely see Keystone Human Services promote the organization’s accomplishments and accolades as they seek to build a more inclusive world,” comments Julie Gareleck, CEO, Junction Creative.  “Rather, you will find this organization and its team of over 2000 employees embody its mission, vision, and values every day.  That is impact.”

KHS builds communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, exercise their rights, and fully participate.  People direct their own lives, establish homes, find meaningful work, and pursue education alongside peers, filling valuable roles in the community. KHS remains focused on developing innovative, sustainable community-based services to end institutionalization, promote disability rights, and connect people with the resources they need.

Junction Creative joined the Corporate Leadership Society, a group of corporate leaders, aligned in the mission of creating a world where all people belong and are welcomed to participate in everything society has to offer. “Congratulations to Keystone Human Services on celebrating 50 Years,” comments Gareleck. “Keystone Human Services is dedicated to inclusion for all people, leaving an impact not just locally but across state lines and Global borders. We are proud to be a member of the Corporate Leadership Society to do our small part to further the mission of the organization.”

Visit www.khs.org to learn more about this organization.  To become a supporter, click on https://www.khs.org/get-involved/donate/ and help create inclusive communities, build a better world, and change lives.