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Effective Marketing Strategies for the Real Estate Industry

The real estate sector remains a stable environment despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, largely due to evolving digital marketing strategies and tactics to engage with consumers. As inventory levels remain low, the competition among agents and brokers has intensified to reach target buyers.  Data supports that 85% of buyers still consult with a broker when buying a property and more than 75% of those buyers only interviewed one agent. Realtors who successfully leverage digital technology to execute smart, purpose-driven marketing campaigns will effectively drive qualified traffic that ultimately leads to increased conversions or home sales.

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) serves the real estate industry to include brokers, agents, builders, developers, and architects to create custom-designed strategies to target specific market audiences and build engaging campaigns. “When selling unique properties, whether a luxury custom-home development or residential communities, it’s easy for realtors to focus on the transaction,” comments Julie Gareleck, CEO, Junction Creative. “In the end, it is a transaction, but digital marketing has changed buyers’ behaviors. They want to be immersed in an experience inside and outside of the home. Tools like Zillow, Realtor.com, among others, are great for highlighting listings. They fall short of selling the experience to the buyer.”

Developing an effective digital marketing strategy is critical to remaining relevant in an increasingly competitive environment. The marketing mix goes beyond listings and incorporates social media content, branded experiences online, paid digital marketing, and interactive content that leads a buyer through the home buying experience.  

“We don’t replace a broker or real estate agent but we do offer an incredible advantage. We don’t have one real estate strategy with one set of common deliverables, rather we design the right message, develop the right strategy, and target the right buyers in great brand experiences that drive leads, showings, and ultimately more transactions,” comments Gareleck. 

If you are looking for more specific digital marketing ideas to reach your buyers, contact us at info@junction-creative.com to learn more about our real estate marketing packages.