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Innovate in the New Digital Environment

Advancements and innovation in digital communication technologies continue to amaze and challenge marketers to adapt to a new and dynamic marketplace dominated by advanced digital communications. Consumers are embracing the plethora of new digital channels in greater numbers and the demand for “solutions now” appears to deeply entrenched within buying behaviors. Determining where a brand’s potential customers reside and identifying the most productive channel to engage them is a challenge every marketer faces in the coming year. Consumers are more mobile, better informed and technologically-savvy than ever. Getting consumers’ attention, making the pitch and motivating them into making the purchasing decision will require a commitment to a strategy that is timely, specifically targeted and personal in its messaging. So where does such an approach begin?

It’s a new year so it must be time to make our New Year resolutions. A tradition for generations, new year resolutions are most often proclamations to correct past behaviors in personal conduct, business or professional short-falls, or just wishful thinking based on unrealistic and unaccountable goals. The process of establishing a successful marketing strategy begins with setting reasonable and achievable goals and methods to measure progress. Successful strategies are designed to be narrow in focus, specifically targeted, and flexible to adjust when pre-established assumptions prove to be elusive. Agility, the ability to adapt and change direction in a dynamic environment, is not just a buzzword. Consumers are becoming increasingly mobile and brands seeking to make a connection requires engaging consumers in multiple locations. A well-defined multi-channel approach is necessary to connect with a targeted audience where they are listening.

Research shows that 47 percent of today’s consumers research and read 3 to 5 blog articles about a product or brand before making a purchase decision. 43 percent of respondents favor video and visual communication techniques. Writing impactful website blogs, producing how-to videos, and utilizing sharp images to demonstrate a brand’s purpose and promise is an approach that will elevate a brand’s authority in the field, promote increased customer interactions, and foster a better understanding of the needs of the audience. An impressive 80% of shoppers say they are more likely to engage with a brand that offers personalized content that provides valuable information and builds on relationships and promotes trust and credibility. A website directly impacts revenue, reputation and growth. If a website is not designed to deliver content in blog format, it is a site that remains behind the competitive curve. Voice search is growing in popularity. In the coming year it is predicted that 55 percent of households will have smart speaker capability. In 2022, getting an online store ready for voice search is a must.

Live events and public experiences are returning to many brands’ marketing strategies after two years of restricted, pandemic-related issues. Promoting special events and gatherings on social media platforms can make it easy to reconnect personally with a previously sequestered consumer. More than 3.96 billion prospects utilized social media platforms to remain connected during the pandemic-induced isolations and they are still tuned-in and listening. Seventy-four percent of consumers have reported discovering a new need via social media making social media platforms the leading search and discovery engine.

Despite all the new bright and shiny technology, email will remain a mainstay of many brands’ marketing strategies in 2022. A recent Litmus’ 2021 State of Email Report indicated that “more than 90% of survey respondents said email marketing is at least somewhat critical to the overall success of their company, and 41% said it’s very critical, up nearly 30% since before the pandemic in 2019.” Like QR codes, what is old is finding renewed appreciation among many brands’ marketing campaigns in 2022.

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