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Junction’s Favorite Things for 2021

It’s become a tradition at Junction for our team to share a list of their favorite things.  Here’s a snapshot of Junction’s Favorite Things:

The Buylyst  

Their research boils down to a portfolio of 20-25 liquid, long-term, public equity investments around the world. Super digestible information about investing in the future on themes as Renewable Energy, Ai and big data, 5G and IOT, Autonomous vehicles, Healthcare Tech, Finance, etc.

Sam Fit Club Outdoor Fitness

It’s a great HIIT workout to keep me going and in shape also a great place to meet new people in a healthy environment

Singing Classes with Tamar McLeod

Her classes are not just fun singing classes but it’s like a therapy, helping a lot with emotions, dealing with stress and being very comfortable in your own skin.  Tamar is artist from New Zealand, with roots from Polynesia and Europe.

My New Puppy

My husband and I just got a new puppy named Mako last week – he’s a Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd mix and he’s the sweetest thing in the world! He looks like an extra fluffy teddy bear and we are so in love with him already (even though he likes to chase my cat around the house)!


With the pandemic, I’ve still been a bit scared to rejoin a gym or in-person fitness classes. Thankfully, I found the app FitOn – a free app that features free workout classes! From calming yoga to intense cardio classes, FitOn allows me to stream any fitness class I’d like for free!


As a millennial, I always thought TikTok was for the Gen Z’ers and that I wouldn’t enjoy the content on the app. Well, I was wrong! I finally caved this year and downloaded TikTok. Now, almost every time I open the app I am practically in tears from laughing so hard! Plus, as a marketer, I’m really glad I downloaded this social media app so I could learn more about the type of content that younger people engage with!

Door Dash

Great for a last minute lunch order or a Sunday night family dinner, there is a menu to fit the whole family.

My 6-Year Old Twins

It is amazing to watch my daughters navigate being 6. It is definitely a reminder to us all to use our imaginations more, work a little less, and find joy in even the simplest of moments.

Dueling Piano Bars

COVID shuttered us from going to restaurants, bars, arenas, etc. While I might enjoy Door Dash for a meal, I can’t turn down a trip to a dueling piano bar with my friends and extended family. There is nothing like sharing in a rendition of John Denver, Billy Joel, Journey, or Bob Segar, off key, with a tambourine in your hand. If you have not been to one ever, book a seat. My local favorite is Red Sky Tapas and Bar.

State Parks with My Family

My wife and I love to take our kids out hiking, we even got backpacks to carry our 3-year-old and 8-month-old around. Georgia has so many awesome state parks, and the Appalachian Trail has a ton of great views like Blood Mountain and Preacher’s Rock!


I have a longer commute, and Spotify makes it so much better! I can stream anything from classic rock to my favorite true crime podcasts. It’s been great for our family road trips too.

Amazon – Home Gym Equipment

Even before the pandemic, I always preferred working out at home, and thanks to Amazon, I was able to get an affordable treadmill and pull-up bar this year for my home gym (by which, I mean my spare bedroom). I love being able to exercise without having to drive anywhere. It helps me to stay motivated.

My Collection of Exotic Invertebrates

While undoubtedly the strangest of all the hobbies at Junction, collecting and keeping exotic inverts has proved to be an engaging and rewarding one.  Coming from environments as diverse as the jungles of Madagascar, to the deserts of Mexico, to the monsoon-deluged rainforests of Thailand and the dry veldts of eastern Africa, these amazing creepy-crawlies never fail to fascinate and astound me.


I am a huge fan of the stories brought to life through Japanese animation.  Though I’ve always been intrigued by animation, it has only been within the past two years that I have truly developed an appreciation for the artistry and versatility of the medium.  Through streaming services like Netflix and Funimation, Japanese animation is more accessible than ever before.  A few of the shows and films that I recommend for those unfamiliar with the medium are Violet Evergarden, A Silent Voice, and, of course, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


I like living in Marietta, but I spend a lot of time in traffic; this has helped me gain a new appreciation for my Audible subscription.  With Audible, I can spend my time in traffic studying topics that interest me, enjoying a new story, or just relaxing and enjoying the narration.  Some of the audiobooks that I recommend wholeheartedly are Roland Bainton’s Here I Stand, Frank Herbert’s legendary sci-fi epic Dune, and C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower series.

The Peloton App

The Peloton App is amazing, even without owning the bike! They’ve really expanded their available content and class types, so we use the app for everything from meditation to cardio.

Curbside Pickup

Repeating a favorite from last year! What was a completely new experience last year has now become the norm for me. While I do still love browsing the aisles in Target on occasion, I find myself using curbside pickup at most stores on a regular basis. It’s completely changed the way I shop!


So many games, so much fun with my kids! My girls and I love trying new games together and especially enjoy “seeing” each other (in avatar form) as we play.

What’s on your list of Favorite Things this holiday season?