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Apple is Cleaning Up Again!

For all of you who frequently say “I’ve seen it all”, only to have to retract the statement when blind-sided and baffled by yet another amazing discovery, we have another instance of believe-it-or-not for you to ponder, and not so surprisingly it comes from Apple’s orchard of amazing products. It doesn’t appear to be a high-tech device promising to sport lightning speeds of complicated computational power, nor does Apple make its usual hyperbolic claims of supremacy for the brand’s newest reveal. They simply call it a “Nonabrasive Polishing Cloth.” The little rag has taken the computer world by storm and the marketers at Apple by surprise.

The popular new rag made its debut alongside the recent introduction of the redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro and the iPhone 13. The Polishing Cloth is suitable for cleaning all types of Apple displays, from iPhone and iPad to Apple Watch and Mac, including the nano-texture glass Pro Display XDR, according to company information. It comes inside the typical Apple, nondescript box and is priced at just $19. Yep, you hadn’t seen everything just yet, huh?

But the most amazing aspect of the little $19 piece of cloth is that it sold-out immediately and is now backordered until early January 2022. Can we soon expect seeing long, spiraling lines of Apple devotees around the block at Apple Stores nationwide?

The unbashful company wasn’t releasing much information about the cleaning cloth as it disappeared from store shelves. It has since been discovered to measure 6.3 inches by 6.3 inches (two-inches smaller than the size of a common facial tissue) and is soft to the touch yet firmer in texture than competing products. One could feel some level of sympathy for company marketers for missing the popularity and initial demand for the little rag, but the $19 bounty should be ample enough to ease the embarrassment, particularly if consumers fail to come to their senses and eagerly pony up the same bucks when it becomes available early next year.

But then again, kudos to the very creative people at Apple for pulling off another coup over common sense and the competition who continue to strive to set a fair value for products. The world’s most valuable brand at $263.4 million continues to shock and awe consumers and the competition with unabridged brass, seemingly turning every effort into gold no matter the real value and giving new meaning to “cleanup in aisle five.”

Apple Rag, version 1.2 coming soon?