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Digital Marketing in the Post-Pandemic Era

The fog of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to clear across the landscape and many marketers are beginning to realize just how the historic event is impacting consumer behavior. Not surprising is the data that is revealing a shift in how people feel, physically and emotionally, about the home and workplace. According to a recent 2020 study by the CDC, “40% of the U.S. adults surveyed were dealing with anxiety or depression, symptoms of a trauma- and stressor-related disorder, substance use and/or suicidal ideation.”

While the job of marketing doesn’t necessarily require non-health related industries to provide answers to changes in attitudes, physical health or emotional stability; consumer messaging must reflect the implications these factors have on potential consumers’ acceptance and understanding of brand content. While we all want to put the pandemic and its devastating effects on our lives behind us, the truth is its impact on our personal and professional lives is not behind any of us. Many of the effects of the pandemic will persist for some time, and new social and geopolitical challenges will hinder the progress in establishing a new, altered reality. The history of the art and science of marketing is littered with examples of consumers failing to meet predicted expectations. Consumers often do what they are not expected to do. So, what digital marketing technologies will be important to deploy going forward into the coming decade of recovery?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently being used to automate basic functions like reporting website performance in order to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), identify more productive keywords, and improve a company’s organic search to better predict consumer purchasing habits. As the popularity of voice assistant devices like Google Assistant and Alexa continue to grow, voice-based conversations and shopping will likely grow to a predicted $40 billion in 2022. Forward thinking brands will be integrating chatbots as part of digital marketing strategies to provide customers with a more personalized and enjoyable experience when interacting with a company on its social media channels.

Mobile first marketing is expected to be a continuing trend going into 2022, as more people and consumers utilize smart devices to research, shop and purchase products and services. Businesses must optimize efforts to create mobile friendly websites or develop new mobile apps to better connect with an ever-more mobile consumer over multiple channels. Employing marketing automation will ease the strain of repetitive tasks, saving time researching and compiling a wealth of data. Video will continue to be the main-stay of consumer interactions with brands. With the overcrowding of content in digital social media channels, images, illustrations and video is more efficient. A survey conducted by Wyzowl indicated “84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.”

It can be expected that a majority of marketers will continue to spend as much as 20 percent of budgets on influencer marketing in the coming year. But many believe that 2022 maybe the tipping-point for influencers’ success as the space approaches an estimated $15 billion in revenue.

Regardless of the technology, a successful digital marketing strategy will continue to be centered on consumers’ desire for an authentic, trusted relationship with brands that provide a frictionless experience from research to purchase. Surveys indicate that 42% of consumers will pay more for a friendly and welcoming experience, 52% would pay more for a speedy and efficient service, and 73% say that a positive customer experience is key in influencing brand loyalties.

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