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Subliminal Messaging is at the Core of Successful Marketing

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We’re in an era of marketing when it seems like all paths to identifying potential customers are a matter of collecting and evaluating consumer data. The data is broken down into neat bytes of numbers that can be analyzed to reveal consumer demographics and behaviors. The premise is that the data can be used to develop an algorithm or formula that predicts consumer behavior and why certain purchasing decisions are made. Input enough data to generate a scientifically sound result and the outcome will, within a reasonable margin of error, be assured. Right? Well, maybe not.

The problem with mass-generated data is that it often makes assumptions as to why consumers make the decision as well as how. Why a particular decision is made is more often based on subjective emotion, and how is generally a matter of convenience or habit. The process is complicated by the fact that not every 24-year-old, female professional will decide to purchase an identical brand of a car any more than every 56-year-old, male factory worker will buy the same brand of beer. The answers to why always requires more comprehensive questioning and a deeper understanding of the targeted consumer’s goals, motivations and the myriad of subjective, contextual thoughts that skew preferences for individual brands. Use of psychology is often necessary to formulate messages that are relevant to customers’ perceptions, goals and motivations. Studies reveal that as many as 90 percent of purchasing decisions are subliminal and based on a consumer’s emotions or preexisting perceptions.

Perception is nearly always the most absolute of truths, even when it is false. Since the dawn of modern marketing, influencing consumers’ actions through the utilization of several basic subliminal techniques has proven successful and timeless. We all are certain that $9.99 is a much cheaper alternative to $10.00. Buy one and get-one-free is a better deal than 50 percent off, right? And whatever you do, “Don’t delay, buy it now”, lest your procrastination will result in missing out on the greatest of valuable opportunities.

Truth is that a brick and mortar store environment is anything but accidental and an e-seller’s website design has specific and meaningful, subliminal purpose to motivate users to take action. For example, the color red draws more attention to an action message, but the color red next to the color green will leave even the most important message in the dark. These obvious and time-worn practices have been around for generations and are still in perpetual use, even in this technologically-advanced marketing era, because they still work.

All trickery aside, identifying a target market has its basis in data and science, but elevating a brand to be a consumer’s first choice requires more. Listen to customers and keep the needs central to your purpose and the customer focused on the brand’s core competency. To truly grow a business and build a loyal customer base, it is imperative to understand and identify the best potential consumer. While demographics can play a key role in determining a market segment, not all consumers in that niche face identical challenges or have the same personas and values. Getting heard above all the noise and establishing a successful customer experience requires a commitment to personalization across the whole of marketing’s digital collateral.

Today’s consumers are in charge, savvy and loyal to marketers whose every action gravitates towards achieving a solution to the customer’s problem. Loud, broadly cast, flashy campaigns are gauche; relevancy is now the fashion. Developing a customer’s unique action profile will lead a marketer to identify the best approach to making meaningful connections with the best customers. Consumer feelings, unconscienced actions and perspectives are at the core of identifying consumers that will align best with a seller’s product or service.

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