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Right Audience, Right Message, Right Channel, Right Time: Reach Your Target Customer

Image Credit: Alexander Supertramp / Shutterstock.com

The most successful, disruptive marketers are finding that the best route to achieving sustainable growth and brand value are those that focus efforts on the customer. Customer centricity has become more than a “buzz word” for successful entrepreneurs, it is a focused mission. Regardless of the product or service, identifying a consumer segment or market niche is critical to survival and prosperity in a consumer age where the customer has the power.

Identifying and attracting customers has always been a formidable challenge but in the digital era, new technology can generate detailed information on consumer behaviors and personal purchasing habits. Social media platforms can gain important insights about users and how they process information about making a purchasing decision. To truly grow a business and build a loyal customer base, it is imperative to understand and identify your best potential consumer.

While demographics can play a key role in determining a market segment, not all consumers in that niche face identical challenges or the same personas and values. Conducting customer surveys, holding customer focus groups, closely monitoring online ratings and reviews, and intently listening to your customers will reveal more about who your customers are and what they value most in a service provider.

Use this information to create a customer persona and generate appealing, authentic, and personalized content to attract attention. Strategically place your content on the right social media platform to reach the specified target and always monitor and measure the results. Be careful not to prejudge who you believe is your best customer. Often differences in geographic locations, social and economic factors can skew results or provide unique variations in personal wants and behaviors.

John Wanamaker, a 20th century pioneer in marketing and advertising famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Modern communication technology is resolving the challenges of identifying our customers. By focusing on the ideal customer, a business can grow faster with less effort, and become more successful and profitable.

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