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How to Get Noticed in the Crowded SaaS Market

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Planning a proper SaaS marketing strategy is very important for a business that isn’t selling a physical product. A SaaS business needs to be consistently generating quality leads, capturing contact information, engaging the audience with authentic content, and encouraging them to take action. In the crowded SaaS arena, standing out requires an effective strategy to make a brand more discoverable with messaging designed to turn visitors from passive browsers to active leads, ultimately creating exponential growth in qualified lead volume. Lincoln Murphy, a Customer Success Consultant says, “When creating your SaaS marketing plan, you must understand that your business model of choice is a fully-integrated architecture where all aspects of the business, product, support, revenue model, and marketing are tightly-coupled.”

An effective SaaS strategy begins with identifying a set of specific, realistic and measurable business goals and objectives. Lead generation is about communicating a brand’s value to potential customers; using content that highlights a brand’s lead magnet, product benefits and how a company offers more than the competition. Identifying and capturing qualified leads also requires an understanding of targeted prospects’ needs in order to offer them a valuable solution.  Developing an accurate customer persona (a customer’s behavior, purchase habits, wants and needs) will help you create content that is interesting and relevant to a potential prospect. Today, SaaS marketing is dynamic and strategic. To get noticed atop all the noise of the crowded, content marketing space, it is important to be producing consistent high quality, customer-centered content that is optimized to attract and offer value to your potential SaaS customers. But even the best content will go unnoticed without search engine optimization (SEO).

The goal of SEO is to increase rankings and get into the top three spots of Google search, where quality leads will discover a marketer’s relevant content. While optimizing blog posts for relevant, high-value keywords is important, evaluating a website for SEO is critical to success. Failure to initiate an effective SEO campaign will leave even the best content undiscovered. Partnering with a SaaS provider who understands the importance of SEO can be extremely important to SaaS marketing success.

At Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), we’re working hard to stay at the forefront of digital solutions. Our years of experience developing custom platforms for our clients has led us to develop our own SaaS solution that can be economical and customizable to meet our clients’ unique needs. “Junction’s SaaS clients are benefiting from our understanding and insights of the frantic SaaS marketplace”, says Julie Gareleck, Founder and CEO.  “The value of the software has to be sticky. It has to satisfy a business need or solve a business challenge. In the absence of a strategy, sustained growth can prove challenging. Our experience has led us to become uniquely qualified to develop successful growth oriented, customer centric strategies that can lead our clients to long term sustainable growth.”

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