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Google’s Algorithms May Not Be Sexy But They Need to Be Understood

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Start a conversation about search engine optimization (SEO) and algorithms and most audiences will respond with blank stares that indicate complete lack of understanding or interest. Even though the subject is vitally important to anyone whose livelihood depends on the internet and making connections with customers through a website, algorithms are about as sexy and interesting as watching plants grow. Unless you are one of the very few who finds the science of abstract mathematics and actuarial science of quantitative physics exciting, the fact that something works is sufficient. We simply have little time for understanding why something works. However, even a rudimentary understanding of algorithms and how they impact an organization’s ability to attract customers to a website is essential to effective management of an important channel of communication.

Without algorithms, managing all the millions of daily inquiries on the world-wide web would be impossible. The Google ranking system is designed to sort through all the billions of searches that occur each second and send the questioner to where they want to go, quickly. “Search algorithms look at many factors, including the words of a user’s query, relevance and usability of pages, expertise of sources, and location and settings.” The goal of any ecommerce website is to be at top of the list of competitors to capture the bulk of viewers and hold a prospective customer until they make a purchasing decision. As with all competitive endeavors, position or ranking among all the players is vital to success. To be relevant in any market, a win, place or show finish is essential to delivering on a strategy of sustainable growth.

Google’s most recent update of its algorithms comes at a very disruptive period as the COVID-19 pandemic dominates the world’s conversations, and market volatility dominates the commercial landscape. Assuring that your website is up to date and accessible at all times and to all relevant audiences is critical now more than ever. So how have Google’s recent changes impacted website rankings?

It is easy to understand that the pandemic has increased the number of searches for valid health-related information. The newest algorithm targets misinformation to eliminate the distribution of unsubstantiated claims of cures and treatments. Health related websites need to pay attention to the changes and modify content as needed to ensure they provide sufficient and highly qualified information. It’s important to deliver users the information they are looking for quickly and easily when it comes to health, finance and other topics that demand expertise. Aggregator sites that provide links to local businesses benefit from Google’s latest updates as does simultaneous multiple-language sites. With the popularity of voice search growing, it’s beneficial be understood by a wider audience. In general, how can your website reap the benefits of these most recent alterations?

Google’s search objective is to reward sites that provide fresh, authentic, useful, and relevant content that answers questions and gives vital information about a business quickly. Quality, frequently updated content remains the king. It is a good time to remove or improve performance of slow-loading videos and other mechanisms that reduce website speed. Remove low count, thin content pages and continuously monitor website traffic to identify problems early.

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