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Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Venmo and Warm Cozy Things

We all have them. Those things, both big and little, that just make our life a bit easier, more comfortable or maybe just a little more fun. They don’t have to be expensive but I’m sure many are. Some will fit nicely around the Christmas tree and some not quite or at all. If you ask some of your favorite people, some will have to think and others will not. A few will have many and others will not. Oprah? Well she has a lot!

Favorite things are those products and services that, if we had to do without them, would make our lives be just a tad more complicated, less enjoyable or maybe just not as cool (or warm for that matter). We can really live without them but most of us would rather not. The list includes things to wear, to eat and to carry. We listen to some and talk to others and some warm our bods or parts there-of. Still others aren’t things at all unless they are things to do. At Junction Creative Solutions we asked some of our favorite team members about some of their favorite things.

Starbucks! says Julie. “This is my tried and true favorite thing.  For the last decade, whenever I am feeling pressured or stressed, a simple escape to any Starbucks brings a smile to my face. And how about those folks at Amazon? They just keep coming up with ways to uncomplicate my life. When I get busy and forget a few items needed for my family or a special event? No problem, just click or call and have everything delivered in one hour for $5.00 or less.”

Susan thinks Amazon Prime is a real lifesaver. “With Amazon Prime, I have had no worries of gifts not arriving before the holidays, and I completely avoided the Black Friday crowds this year.  Didn’t miss them either.” Target has always been a member of Susan’s family. She says, ”It’s my favorite store ever! I do love roaming the aisles, but my local store added a Drive-Up service this year and it has been great for saving me time and money –as the drive-up allows me to avoid that impulse, in-store, Starbucks purchase!” Like most of us, Susan has a new favorite thing this year. “Peapod is a new addition to my local grocery store. Although I haven’t tried out the delivery service, I have used Peapod many times to pick up groceries without ever having to leave my car.  No lugging the kids into the store, no waiting at the checkout; and no more having to navigate the busy aisle-ways.”

Melissa has come to appreciate delivery services like Uber Eats or Postmates. ”After working a long day and getting home late, I’m just not feeling like shopping for groceries. The convenience and time saved makes for a better end to my day. It’s crazy to think these companies have only been around for a few years!” Among her other favorite things are Amazon and Spotify. “Whether I’m listening to podcasts or playlists, I’m almost always using Spotify to do it. Never again will I have to listen through a scratched CD or scour the Internet for album download links; Spotify always has what I want to hear and has even helped me discover new artists and podcast shows I would never have found otherwise.”

“Long gone are the days of climbing into a chilly bed and waiting for those wintry sheets to warm up,” say Hannah. “With heated blankets, I can simply press a button and in minutes be swaddled in a warm and toasty cocoon. Now the only problem is getting out of bed in the morning!” But when she is able to get up, Hannah enjoys living in the golden age of television, or is it now called video streaming?  “While some people complain that there are too many streaming services, I appreciate the vast and endless supply of content we have at our fingertips. With channels like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Amazon, Showtime, Apple TV, Starz, and many others, there is no shortage of home video entertainment.” And when she ventures out into the cold for an evening of entertainment, Hannah favors her local, luxury movie theater. “Wow has the movie night experience evolved! Now I can buy tickets and pick my seats before leaving home. With many theaters offering puffy leather recliners, wait staff delivered fresh popcorn directly to my seat and full, in-theater beverage service, dinner and a movie has truly been redefined.” And when it comes to paying for it all, Venmo is there to wrap it all up.

What are some of your favorite things this holiday season?