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A Day of Giving Thanks

Image Credit: LightField Studios / Shutterstock.com

Thanksgiving Day is a time we set aside each year to pause, stop and give thanks. Each us celebrate the day a little differently. For many the last Thursday in November is spent on traditional practices. The Annual Macy’s Day Parade, our alumnus football game or trips to the Grandparents’ to gather with all sorts of family. Still others of us are content to gather with a loved one or friend. Traditions differ with each of our own experiences but one constant for all of us on this special day is for quiet reflection for all the blessings that we all too often forget to recognize in our busy lives.

The origins of a day of thanksgiving are rooted in the 17th century when our Nation’s founding immigrants sat together with Native Americans to celebrate the harvests’ bounty. In this era of plenty it is difficult to imagine the difficulties faced by founding generations to just survive nature’s elements, provide food for sustenance or a shelter for protection.

Our Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) Team was asked to share their feelings of appreciation on this Thanksgiving Day. “I am thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my much-loved extended family in Tennessee — for the laughter, the football, and of course that 7-layer Jell-O and smoked turkey”, says Susan.  “Happy Thanksgiving to all!”

It is always refreshing to note that when most of us are asked to answer what we are most thankful for; the rarest response is one of things. Most focus on those blessings valued dearest to each of us. Melissa said, “This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the good health and happiness of my friends and family, all the new beginnings 2019 has brought me, and for Georgia making it to the SEC Championship. Happy Thanksgiving and Go Dawgs! Obviously, Melissa doesn’t hail from Tennessee.

One other common theme across all responses centers on our favorite foods and Team member, Hannah, is no exception. “I’m thankful to spend this joyous holiday with my family! I’m also thankful for my friends and the big changes that came my way this year. I can’t wait to eat too much sweet potato casserole and laugh way too hard with my favorite people!”

Robert is “thankful for health, family, friends and the passions life has to offer.  2019 has been a full year and I am thankful for being here. Thanksgiving is the prelude to the holidays and I am looking forward to 2020.”

As the Junction elder; “I have come to appreciate all the blessings for which we cannot replace and whose totality determine the real quality of a life lived. An accumulation of love of family, moments and memories with a cherished soulmate, a moment to reminisce with an old friend, the cry of a newborn grandchild or the unabridged pride in one’s own children. For these things and more, I give thanks every day.”

“Thanksgiving Day is a day for us to slow down and give thanks for our lives, our families, friends, and colleagues,” says Julie. “May we appreciate all of the small things and relish in our ability to give thanks to those we love and hold dear. Happy Thanksgiving to all!