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How the Way Back Can Pave the Way Forward

Junction Creative Launches New Online Experience

Ask any successful company the secret to success. Most will speak of the importance of remaining relevant in a competitive environment over time. To achieve viability and longevity requires specific attention to the dynamics of an industry, particularly one with a flawlessly executed successful strategy that blends emotion and objective decision-making to advance a brands’ identity and value.

Founded in the digital age, where the practice of marketing has been in a constant state of change, Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) has worked with more than 300 small to mid-sized and enterprise-level organizations in more than 10 countries. Combining the business intelligence of a consulting firm with the creative insights and execution of an advertising agency, Junction uses a systematic, process driven approach to achieving clients’ goals and objectives.

Branding is infused into every project Junction works on.  A good brand delivers a clear unified message, confirms a company’s credibility, connects emotionally to targeted prospects, motivates purchasers and establishes long-term user loyalty.  Just as unity of command is critical to successfully implementing an army’s strategy on the battlefield, speaking with one voice when communicating the brand promise is vital to successfully building a brand’s value across all company units and offerings.  The Way Back Machine serves as a reminder that there is a historical imprint of any online experience.

How The Way Back Can Pave The Way Forward
Junction’s Website: October 2012


Jxn Website May 2016 Image E1563982144824
Junction’s Website: May 2016


Jxn Website 2018 Image E1563982579829
Junction’s Website: September 2017


A quick trip down memory lane motivated Junction to undertake its fourth website refresh in its ten years history. “We can’t even access our first website as it was built in Flash.  Flash?!  With each update, our mission and vision became clear. With the 10-year milestone under our belt, I envisioned the process to go smoothly,” comments Julie Gareleck, Founder and CEO.  “Refreshing our brand this time was a laborious, emotional, and painstaking process.  It’s not easy being the client.  In the end, the finished product is a collective effort of our team’s hard work and dedication to getting it right.”

“We know it’s critical to remain ahead of design trends. Whether a creative strategy for a project, a brand logo or a comprehensive set of digital, web-based solutions to support sales and marketing, being agile and responsive to the dynamics of our industry is at the basis of our success,” says Gareleck.

Utilizing the “Way Back Machine”, the progression of Junction’s rebranding efforts can yield important insights on how businesses can respond to a fast-paced, on-demand marketing environment over the company’s life cycle.  Junction’s advice to companies and organizations seeking a redesign is to briefly look in the rearview mirror (in this case the Way Back Machine).  Let it serve as a reminder of where you have been, so as to pave the path forward.

Let Junction help you tell your brand story! Contact us at info@junction-creative.com for more information.

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