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Connecting with Today’s Consumers Requires both Creativity and Analytics

Establishing a brand strategy focused on connecting to potential consumers is certainly nothing new. The very basis for the science of marketing is creating and communicating messages that resonate with potential customers in such a way that they are motivated to make a purchasing decision, one that favors your company’s offerings over a competitor. Eons ago (a relatively short time in the era of technology hyper-activity) was a period where the most commanding thought of most marketing and advertising guru’s centered around the premise that product features and benefits needed to be the central theme in differentiating one company’s products over their competition and that emotional based campaigns, while entertaining, failed to drive increased brand awareness, loyalty and sales.

The debate over the best approach, rational or emotional, to achieving the greatest return on advertising spend (ROI) has intensified. Industries whose features and benefits are less-sexy to consumers favor an emotional and entertaining approach to their advertising.  Others, whose product features and benefits are core motivational aspects to consumers, argue that a rational approach is the only approach that can deliver customers who focus on the science of the products when making their purchase decision. Have you seen a truly rational insurance advertising campaign recently? Honestly, Emus and lizards?

It would be easy to argue that each approach has its place, but advances in digital marketing technology and the way consumers take delivery of content dissuades any reasonable consideration of the single approach theory. In an era where consumers control the communication process through their use of remotes, pop-up blockers and message filters, catching and retaining listeners attention requires an entertaining and emotional hook to any message if it is to successfully consummate the marketer, customer relationship.

Advertising has always used elements of phycology and human emotions to motivate customers. Remember the era of “sex sells”? And for decades it appeared as though it did sell just about anything that could arguable be sexy and a lot of things that would never be considered sexy. Eventually consumers grew up and are now using their power and control over the process of communication to demand more information about products and services through an entertaining application of a well-told story. The debate is mute. Neither approach is mutually exclusive of the other. We are all both rational and emotional beings, to argue in favor of one approach over the other is, in itself, irrational.

Clearly, the most effective strategy to advertising and marketing today is to deploy both reason and emotion to achieve a campaigns success, but the process can be complex. The skill-set necessary to creatively transcribe a products science into an emotional message that connects both rationally and emotionally to a target audience may be foreign to most emerging entrepreneurs.

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