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Increase Potential Prospects with an Effective LinkedIn Personal Profile

Image credit: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.com

Founded in the earliest years of our newest century, LinkedIn has become the largest business-focused online social network boasting more than 610 million members and users. LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies. Initially used has a contact source for job providers and employment seekers, LinkedIn has become the #1 channel that more than 90 percent of B2B marketers use to distribute content.

With 61 million executive or senior level influencers as regular users, LinkedIn has become the preferred professional social platform for quality content and business information and generates three times more conversions than Twitter & Facebook. With such popularity, how can a single user cut through all the chatter and get noticed among the masses?

One way is to become a regular monthly user. Only 40 percent of the half-billion members visit the platform on a monthly basis. LinkedIn is a channel where more utilization begets more utilization and where more frequent quality content results in increased notice by other members. A comprehensive, complete, personal profile will generate higher search engine results. Lead off your profile with a customer-centric headline followed by a summary of those skill-sets that differentiate you from all other competitors. Listing five or more personal skills can significantly increase a member’s profile views across the platform.

One constant in marketing is consistency of messaging across all channels. Use brand and logos to create familiarity throughout digital media. Photos and images are worth more than words. Photos receive more than 20 times more profile views and increase network exposure. Connect written content with audio and video offerings to enhance the quality of the message and increase your visibility. Utilizing hashtag communities and joining shared interest and alumni networks expands overall reach.

“Profinder”, a premium LinkedIn service, will generate additional monthly leads from other professionals looking to find solutions from qualified providers. With 63 million monthly mobile users, it is critical that content efforts are concise and visually friendly across all devices. Align your efforts with other like-minded users. Forming networks with those who may compliment and advance shared goals and objectives can lead to longer term, mutually beneficial professional relationships.

Generally, quality inputs result in more and better outputs. A consistent, monitored and measured LinkedIn presence will generate better and more beneficial prospects and professional connections.