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Compelling Website Elements Can Motivate Your Viewers to Take Action

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Have you ever clicked on a website to search for information about a company and found yourself not knowing where to go or what to do next to secure the solution you were looking for? The dilemma is not unusual. Many landing pages (first page of a website), while artfully constructed and visually pleasing, fail to adequately satisfy visitors’ desire for additional information and motivate them to take action.

While there may be numerous objectives of a website, the ultimate goal of any ecommerce site is to generate revenue and to sell a product, idea or service. Alternative objectives, such as email opt-ins, trial offers, attracting social media followers or sharing a piece of content, are also important and may require the visitor to take multiple, individual actions. Converting searchers into customers requires detailed attention to some basic compulsory elements of design and messaging in order to compel searchers to remain connected and take the desired next move.

A successful “call to action” (CTA) never leaves the first or next move up to the visitor. To be heard over all the background noise of the internet, the CTA must be persuasive, compelling, concise and focused on the action you want them to take. Jared Spool, founder of UIE, writes: “Trigger words are the words and phrases that trigger a user into clicking. They contain essential elements to provide the motivation to continue with the site.”

Messaging should be convincing, draw attention to a few important and specific details and be in first person. The use of first person in the content can result in a 90 percent increase in converting searchers into followers. Focus content on the high points and keep it simple. Too much information at this point can confuse and frustrate the visitor and push them leave the site in search of another. Minimize choices, as too many options will paralyze the reader. In short, make an offer and ask for the sale. The “call to action” is the most important content on a landing page!

Visual elements are critical to welcoming the visitor and encouraging them to advance in the direction you want them to go. Experienced chefs know that diners eat with their eyes first. If they find their meal visually pleasing, they then will move on to the tasting aspect. Action buttons should be bold, prominent, visually dominate and in a position on the page that the viewer would expect to find them. Contrasting colors will grab viewers’ attention and motivate them into making the next move. They should be large enough to command the most attention on the page. Even the most creative and compelling messaging will be lost to small, unnoticed action buttons.

While the average conversion rate of websites vary across industry, the median conversion rate of landing pages is 2.35 percent. Websites that continuously optimize of the landing page achieve three to four times the average. Focusing on creating a landing page that utilizes a few compelling elements will make your site stand out above all the rest and increase the number of converts from visitors to customers. For more information about how Junction can help you create effective CTAs, call 678-686-1125.