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The Value of Magento 2.0

Byod Power To The People
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Many online retailers have been reluctant to migrate to Magento 2.0 from the previous version out of fear that the transition will interrupt the pace of their online business. Those who have delayed the migration to the new version are being encouraged to overcome their reluctance since Magento is no longer supporting the older 1.9 version of the popular ecommerce platform.

Once considered a novel passing threat, total ecommerce sales exceeded $2 trillion dollars at the end of 2017 and is predicted to reach $4 trillion dollars by the year 2020. The Magento eCommerce platform is fully equipped with a variety of features that provides merchants full control and flexibility over the design, content and functionality of online shops. The latest platform offers Mobile-friendly configuration and is packed with various extensions that can be easily incorporated to fulfill individual business requirements.

Earlier this year Adobe Systems Inc. acquired Magento as it strives to create an end-to-end system for designing digital ads, building e-commerce websites and other online customer experiences. The company is seeking to diversify from the digital media products that made it one of the world’s largest software companies.

Junction has built a core competency around Magento 2.0 and is experienced at converting existing eCommerce websites using Magento and creating new eCommerce websites that take advantage of the features and functions in Magento 2.0.

“Clients are coming to us as they need to move to Magento 2.0,” commented Julie Gareleck, CEO & Managing Partner at Junction.  “If a client doesn’t soon move to the latest platform, they run the risk of having issues that can’t be resolved. If the shopping cart breaks, there is no supported fix from the older version of Magento. We encourage our clients to proceed with the migration so that they can continue to operate the business without interruption.”

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