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Will 2017 Be a Year of Dynamic Growth or Challenge for Businesses?

2017 promises to be a time of real economic growth and expansion, yet riddled with a dynamically changing political environment. All of this during a time where technology is expected to advance five times as fast as it has in the last 2 decades.  All of this requires that businesses remain agile and open to adapting new strategies and processes to support a more sustainable approach to growth.

“Since 2009, Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) has worked with more than 240 brands, to include small to mid-size, growth stage, and Fortune 500 companies,” comments Julie Gareleck, CEO & Managing Partner, Junction.  “We’ve been on the front lines with our clients, redefining strategies that work in today’s changing environment.”

In 2016, Junction effectively grew its client base by nearly 30%, further expanding its reach and strengthening its competencies across a multitude of verticals.  As many companies turn to Junction, the conversation is not just a marketing discussion but rather a business growth discussion. Junction’s extensive experience working across verticals enables us to effectively meet the demands of our clients. While marketing is a significant component to sustainable growth, it’s just one part of the overall strategy for success in 2017.  Junction’s breadth of expertise in healthcare, financial, professional services, SaaS, eCommerce, technology, consumer packaged goods, retail, among others, brings a unique perspective to its clients.

“We are very excited about our growth results from 2016,” comments Julie Gareleck, CEO & Managing Partner of Junction Creative, “But we understand from our experiences that as the business environment ahead becomes more dynamic, it’s critical to remain ahead of the trends in order to develop the most effective and comprehensive set of solutions to support our client’s sales and marketing initiatives. We look forward to driving even more results for our clients in 2017.”

If you are looking for a firm who will not only provide strategic insights but also assist in the effective implementation, contact us at 676-686-1125 or Julie@junction-creative.com.

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