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It’s Not Always the “What” But the “How”

The importance of effective messaging has never been more paramount then in today’s digital, technology driven communication environment. Connecting to an audience requires commitment to the established fundamental basics of communication and an awareness to the challenges that come with the more individualized and direct contact offered by social media. In the past, generalized mass audience messaging sought to compel a portion of a consumer audience to action, sort of a “the more of anything against the wall will result in more of anything actually adhering to that wall’ approach. Often the success or failure of such an approach yielded little indication that the message was received by the intended target audience or if the message was even received at all. Was anyone really listening?

In our current environment the opportunity to target specific audiences is not the only differentiating aspect in communication but the ability to learn just how effective the effort was can be captured and evaluated immediately. The ability to extract and interpret this data presents endless opportunities to create effective and responsive messaging. Getting the message right the first time, like a first impression, takes on a new significance in effective digital communication.

Identifying your specific target audience will make the process of formulating the message easier but requires an understanding of how that individual or group of individuals consumes information. Not all individuals, although in the same target demographic, consume information the same way. The challenge becomes reaching those individuals where they are with the right message.

“As strategists we find our access to data incredibly valuable. The data points are able to inform a more specific and relevant message whether you are selling widgets or trying to raise money,” comments Julie Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction Creative Solutions. “We are constantly working with our clients to develop the right message that will resonate. While technology affords us the benefit of more intuitive data, we are also tapping into the psychology of the folks we are trying to reach.”

Whether direct sales, marketing, traditional advertising, or social media, it is critical to develop a message that speaks to answering your audience’s challenges in a compelling and believable way. A successful connection is dependent on how much time, resources, and effort is invested in crafting the message before it is presented.

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