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Junction Practices What It Preaches


A company’s website is a living, breathing entity on the internet and, in today’s digital marketing world, your audience’s first impression of your business. Protecting a brand image and maintaining access to your company and its services is critical to the success of any business entity. Stale or aging websites often become technically obsolete, are less engaging to users over time, can often result in lower search rankings and deliver lower traffic rates. Just like a weathered sign hanging over a business, a fresh coat of paint is necessary to properly project the desired brand image. A worn and aging website can project an image of being irrelevant with nothing new to offer.

With digital marketing fast becoming the leading factor in an organizations success, updating a website to respond to new mobile technology with user friendly functions and improved access to customers through your social media outlets can be critical to connecting with today’s digital savvy consumers.

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) has recently redesigned their website to reflect the company’s evolving service offerings. An award winning strategic agency committed to creating high impact solutions for SMBS and Fortune 500 companies, Junction’s approach is to combine the intellectual capital of a business consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency; creating a hybrid model for today’s business environment.

Julie Gareleck, CEO and founder says,” As the marketing landscape changes and consumer expectations evolve, it’s critical for companies to stay ahead of the trend. Whether it’s a brand logo or a comprehensive set of website solutions designed to support sales and marketing or a social media strategy to grow your digital footprint, maintaining a fresh and relevant website is a key component in a successful strategy.”

To view Junctions new website and learn more about how their experienced team can become a catalyst for developing and implementing a successful marketing strategy for your company, visit our website: https://junction-creative.com/.

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