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Junction Client Infinite Resource Solutions on Strategy, Acquisition, and Growth

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta based, award winning strategic agency, highlights Infinite Resource Solutions (Infinite).  Daveenia Beller, Infinite CEO, is executing successfully against the growth plan for the business providing an example to other entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve scalability.

Infinite Resource Solutions is the result of a merger between the former Infinite Recruiting Resources and Armada Data Solutions.  A certified woman-owned business, Infinite believes in providing workplace solutions and services to achieve short-term goals while executing against the long-term vision of its clients and offers a unique combination of consulting talent and implementation expertise on demand.

“Aside from the basic benefits of reducing capital costs, overhead and achieving other efficiencies, this merger is much more than that in our eyes.  Our merger was not a strategy, but a means to implement strategy,” comments Daveenia Beller, Managing Partner & Founder, Infinite.  “In most mergers one company loses its identity and the surviving company assumes all rights.  This merger for us, is more of a consolidation of quality service offerings within different, but closely related, verticals.  We are expanding our service offering to accommodate the requested demands of our clients.  We have evolved to form a completely new identity, Infinite Resource Solutions, a company which specializes in “resource management”, which includes the following: hardware and infrastructure needs, security, staffing or professional services.”

On the heels of the recent acquisition, Infinite launched a new website showcasing its best-in-class, IT staffing and professional services.  Infinite’s services marry emerging technology with business solutions that offer its clients the agility and adaptability necessary to successfully respond to an ever-changing business environment.  In addition to the new website, the Junction Team provided creative direction on logo rework and newly blended collateral such as, newsletter design, sales presentation, a new blog design and expanded social media initiatives.  Infinite’s new “Resource Solutions Blog” offers unique and timely dialog on the day’s most pressing and interesting subjects in business, industry and personal career building.

“We are now providing a service offering to a client base in which we would not have been able to attract independent of the merger.  I believe our firm’s long-term strategic plan is well thought out. The merger fits the strategy, and success measures should follow naturally as long as we continue to position ourselves within the market, and most importantly keep a strong pulse on client satisfaction.  Sky’s the limit,” says Beller.

Julie Gareleck, Junction CEO and Managing Partner, commented, “The acquisition is a testament to Daveenia’s leadership and adeptness in developing a strategy and executing against it.  She has not only built a brand but a solid reputation as a leader in the industry.  We look forward to working with Infinite as the business grows!”

To view Infinite’s newly branded initiatives, visit www.infiniters.com.  To learn more about how Junction combines the intellectual capital of a business consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency to deliver cost-effective, comprehensive solutions, visit www.junction-creative.com.

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