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Fliike, The Virtual Pet Rock

According to Smiirl, the new technology gadget company, its passionate team of professionals is working hard to give the internet a tangible reality and is developing an ecosystem of innovative, connected objects that shorten the link between the digital and physical worlds.  Fliike, the company’s first product is the first physical Facebook Fan counter specially designed for local businesses, public places or Marketing departments.  When connected to the “Smiirl” Wi-Fi network, the devise tracks and displays the number of “Like’s” that a Facebook account receives.

The counter measures 16.5 inches wide by 4.72 inches square and displays up to five “flipping” digits to show your customers or your marketing staff just how popular you are on Facebook.  Priced at just $390.00 each, the mechanical score keeper will be available by the end of 2013.  The display can be placed on a counter, desk or hung on the wall.

It is hard to say what real value such a devise is going to have on engaging customers to a business’s physical location, but the price point will certainly attract those who find it important to have the latest electronic thing that has even the remotest of anything to do with the virtual world.  And to the legion of fanatic fans of Facebook, the initial limited production of 500 units is sure to trigger a” get them while their hot” response.

But before Fliike becomes a must have piece of equipment for main street marketers it will surely need to prove its value in driving and engaging customers to making a purchase decision.  Simply counting and displaying the number of fans you have is akin to counting sheep.  After all, If it doesn’t cause you to fall asleep then it’s likely nothing more than a just a curious exercise.  Pet rock anyone?

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