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All Roads Lead Through Gettysburg

By all historic accounts, it was a series of typical hot summer days that greeted the approaching visitors to a small, quiet town located just over the state line in a Commonwealth called Pennsylvania and a town known as Gettysburg.  At the time the town was most famous for the geographical fact that “all roads lead through Gettysburg”, a unique convergence of important roads that lead to the nation’s cities of commerce and government.  This was the reason for the approaching entourage of soldiers representing both sides in the great American Civil War.  They were tired, hungry and in the need of supplies that would be instrumental if they were to continue the conflict.  Few, if any, of those approaching visitors or the towns residence had any inclination of the magnitude of the coming day’s events would have on the history and the preservation of the United States of America.

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, a historic event that is of monumental importance to all Americans.  As the sun set over the horizon on July 3, 1863, more than 51,000 of those approaching soldiers would be casualties of the bloodiest battle every fought on American soil.  Their struggles and sacrifice on these three days would become a watershed moment in the preservation of a nation that was first born, “conceived liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”, exactly, to the day, just 87 years before.

Today the town of Gettysburg is very much the same but very much different than it was in July 1863.  All roads still lead through the center of town.  A typical small town in many traditional ways; peaceful, scenic and home to less than  ten thousand diverse residence whose values remain founded by honesty, integrity and a work-hard ethic.   It is home to a variety of corporate and public entities and educational institutions, among them Junction Creative Solutions (Junction).

Junction arrived in Gettysburg several years ago when the growing marketing and business development firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA, needed representatives located closer to their northeast client base; it is natural fit for Junction.  All roads continue to pass through Gettysburg to the majority of the country’s commerce and urban centers and the values inherent in the people of the region are congruent with the values, mission and vision of Junction Creative Solutions. We are proud to be part of this exciting, energetic community and join with our fellow residence in welcoming all visitors to the 150 Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  It is fitting that we, as beneficiaries, remember and honor those many thousands of soldiers who paid the ultimate price to preserve the union of these United States those first three days in July, 1863.

Happy Birthday America!

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