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Search for Dear Ol’ Dad

Father’s Day, seemingly a hidden holiday for many retailers and consumers, is a marketing opportunity that represented $12.7 billion in 2012.  Because 80% of Father’s Day shoppers wait until the week before the big day to make a purchase, marketers have an opportunity to better optimize search ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies to motivate consumers.

Studies show that consumers will begin researching Father’s Day gifts a month before with purchase activity increasingly as the date nears.  It is important for marketers to use demographic targeting and bid boosting to make sure that the search ads are reaching the correct consumers and targeting the right areas. There are a lot of different “types” of dads that marketers should take into account when filtering searches: fathers, stepfathers, husbands, sons, and even brothers.

Simple tactics such as promoting free shipping, coupons, and discount offers are designed to increase engagement. By creating high-performing search campaigns marketers can maximize their retail revenue this Father’s Day.  Other search terms related to gift categories.

A recent study showed:

  • 41% will purchase “practical” gifts, such as tools, auto accessories, and appliances
  • 23% will choose hobby related gifts such as golf or baseball
  • 21% plan to buy entertainment gifts such as movies or music
  • 21% will buy clothing and accessories such as wallets or ties
  • 15% said they plan to purchase outdoor item such as a barbecue

Although a hidden holiday, marketers have an opportunity to generate revenue before the retail season begins.

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