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Junction Client Saffire Vapor Expands to Second Tennessee Retail Location

Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) client Saffire Vapor, seller and distributor of premium-quality ‘high powered’ electronic cigarettes and accessories, is opening the doors of its second retail location in Franklin, TN, just over a year after launching its business in February of 2012.

Saffire Vapor has grown quickly but sustainably through steady eCommerce sales, successful distribution relationships with third-party vendors, and a brick-and-mortar store in Murfreesboro, TN. The success of the first retail location, spurred by increased consumer demand for Saffire Vapor’s premium product offerings, prompted Founder and CEO Robert Arnold to open a retail location in Franklin, TN.

Arnold’s vision as an entrepreneur and dedication as a business owner have been instrumental in creating a strong brand that has become best-in-breed in this thriving industry. With Saffire Vapor’s expansion, existing customers can continue to expect a superior shopping experience. The company implements management tools and practices which not only make operations more efficient, but also benefit consumers in terms of product availability, pricing, and the superior level of service Saffire Vapor has become known for. New customers, whether looking to reduce smoking habits or seeking alternatives, will welcome Saffire Vapor’s expanded range of high quality products

In addition to supporting the development of his business, Arnold is eager to create new jobs and stimulate the local economy, overcoming the challenges of a still-recovering economic climate. “I am extremely proud to extend the Saffire Vapor brand into the greater community to offer locals the best products and service possible,” says Arnold. “The growth of our company in its first year has been exciting, and our commitment to our customers will continue to serve us we move forward strategically in 2013 and beyond.”

“Saffire Vapor is an emerging brand that has gained affinity with its clients.  Robert (Arnold) has effectively differentiated his brand in a developing and increasingly more competitive industry. The quality of his products coupled with outstanding customer service and knowledgeable staff has positioned Saffire Vapor well. This is not only a brand to contend with but an entrepreneur to watch!” comments Julie Gareleck, CEO, Junction.

Visit Saffire Vapor at www.saffireecigs.com.  Come in to the retail locations at 425 N. Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, TN or 9200 Carothers Parkway Suite 102, Franklin, TN.

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