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Everyone, Everywhere is Mad About Mobile

As more and more people discover the convenience of mobile technology, it is critical that marketers form a clear digital strategy to take advantage of the explosion in mobile applications.  With mobile subscriptions set to surpass the world population by the end of this year, the opportunity to reach out to potential customers through some mobile devise is virtually unlimited, and with adults spending more media time on mobile than on newspapers and magazines combined, it is vital that businesses make mobile a more significant portion of their marketing spend.

Mobile’s potential is huge according to The Mobile Marketing Association.  In its “2012: The Year of the Mobile Imperative” study estimated that there are currently more than 5.3 billion mobile devices in use in the world.

The global mobile ad market is expected to grow from $3.4 billion in 2010 to $22.0 billion in 2016, with the top marketing objective being to increase customer engagement.  Online social media, while the smallest sector of mobile and social media, has been growing at a very strong 42.1% year over year. Within the online social media category, social networking is the largest and fastest-growing segment by far.

Whether marking through smart phones or tablets, utilizing mobile web or mobile aps, social media, QR Codes or location-based proximity, marketers and consumers are obviously mad about mobile.  Not sure if you agree?  Look about, no matter where you are, observe those around you and watch as they interface with the world through their electronic devices.  Researching a prospective purchase, buying an event ticket, planning travel, reserving a night’s accommodations, securing dinner reservations or paying a bill, everyone everywhere is mad about mobile.

Even in the normally fast paced world of electronics and communication technology, the growth in business utilization and consumer acceptance of marketing by mobile technology is comparative to Star Trek’s Enterprise at warp speed, and given the results of resent studies and predictions, it is not about to abate anytime soon.

The biggest challenge for marketers is to keep up with the explosion of various digital channels and how they interact with consumers, particularly mobile.  In order to thrive amidst all the madness, businesses will need to understand what is unique about how a consumer uses their mobile devise; identify when mobile is most likely to  lead a consumer to make a purchase; and create a user experience that encourages continued mobile engagement.

Effectively, targeted strategy formulated and implemented, insanity conquered.

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