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A Year in Review

A Snapshot of our Blog in 2012

2012 was truly a year worthy of conversation. Facebook’s IPO opened the world’s eyes to a new understanding of social media, mobile technology continued to grow and captured more of our attention and our dollars, the Summer Olympic Games unfolded in London, Hurricane Sandy became the most digitally captured event in history, and the nation caught the fever of a Presidential election that set new standards for advertising spending while highlighting the state of business and the economy in America.

We try our best to write about the topics that matter most to doing business in the context of an economy unlike any other experienced before. Here is a look at the influential topics we discussed in 2012, and some that we believe will be on the forefront of conversation in 2013:


We are also extremely proud to share our Annual Report: Sustainability in a Fragmented Marketing Economy, which presents a short timeline and history of marketing to shed light on a fundamental truth about successful business communication that we think will spark a trend next year. Read the report, share with your network, and join the conversation in the comments section below or tweet us @junctioncreativ.

Thank you so much for reading Strategy. Impact. Results. We look forward to offering our insights and perspectives, and seeing what unfolds in 2013!