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The Context of My Experience: Big Ideas to Inspire Change

(Read about Day 1’s events here.)

As we waited for the iSpeed to arrive on day 2, a group of us recapped the previous day’s events, commenting on the how incredible we found the island, the people, and the experience.  Ahead of us was an exciting day of match play followed by a Virgin Unite Leadership Retreat led by Sir Richard Branson, Jean Oelwang, Jose Maria Figueres, and Dr. Sylvia A. Earle.
Tennis players and business leaders made their way to the Temple to gather for a discussion around philanthropy and social change and the impact it has on the community and the world.  The 2-hour retreat brought to the forefront the efforts of Virgin Unite, Ocean Elders, and the Carbon War Room, culminating in a lively discussion. From the conversation came a poignant question:  How can the average individual become a change agent?  The answer: awareness.
Most individuals can’t afford to adopt an endangered lemur species for $100K per year but awareness, even in its smallest form, can start a conversation. To be aware of what is happening around us, regardless of scale, we must make smart decisions with a shared goal of making change – positive change. The rule applies for businesses as well.
The efforts of Virgin Unite, Ocean Elders, and Carbon War Room are examples of how ideas can impact social change. As a participant, I left with the notion that consciousness endures.
Momentum was building as we left the Temple that evening. To be a participant in the discussion was an opportunity. And while I don’t have any immediate plans to adopt a lemur species, I will do my part to start the conversation.
For more information regarding the efforts of these organizations, visit the following websites:
Carbon War Room |  Virgin Unite |  Ocean Elders

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