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Junction’s 2012 Annual Report: Sustainability in a Fragmented Marketing Economy

Atlanta-based strategy firm Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) announces the release its Annual Report for 2012. Titled Sustainability in a Fragmented Marketing Economy, the report charts the origins of a myriad of specializations or niches in modern marketing in order to illuminate the importance of centralized strategy to unify these solutions and drive results in 2013 and beyond.

“Junction certainly does not fit the typical agency mold, and we decided that instead of creating an annual report touting our own achievements in 2012, we would take a different approach,” commented Julie Gareleck, CEO & Managing Partner, Junction. “We chose to present an idea that we predict will be on the tip of every marketer’s tongue next year.”

Founded in 2008, Junction has consistently leveraged the notion that sound strategy is key to designing solutions that create impact and maximize return on investment for its clients, who range from start up companies to the Fortune 500. As the marketplace becomes increasingly crowded, Junction has remained steadfast in its belief that multiple solutions linked by a core strategy are more effective in cutting through the noise.

“2012 has been a particularly influential year; Facebook’s IPO opened the world’s eyes to a new understanding of social media, mobile technology continued to grow and capture more of our attention and dollars, and we witnessed a Presidential election that set new standards for advertising spending while highlighting the state of business and the economy in America,” said Gareleck. “Although the game has changed considerably as the marketing ecosystem becomes more ‘fragmented,’ we believe marketers and agencies alike will find that looking to our past reveals that successful marketing and the power of a brand are fueled by consistency across communications, and the best way to achieve that consistency is to unify the core strategy.”

To view or download Sustainability in a Fragmented Marketing Economy, visit Junction’s website.

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